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Flight Safety. Making of a Video with a Hotwife for her Voyeur Husband

9th February 2022
Oz Bigdownunder


A hotwife and her voyeur husband I've met a few times before on hotel outcalls contacted me last week.

Images courtesy of Nikki Sexx, Sophie Dee, Katy Jayne, Candi Kayne, Brooklyn Blue and Ella Hughes.

This time they were home alone and invited me to come over to their house and make some homemade porn videos.

Couples who like to make custom made porn seems to be a popular genre these days.

The more couples with this hobby who contact me, the merrier! I love meeting couples and always happy to make new videos.

I arrived exactly on time and we had a bucks fizz and a chat. They're a sweet couple.

Voyeur hubby had thoughtfully prepared a little collage of images of some sexual positions he wanted to see his Hotwife and I perform in the video.

He'd taken screenshots from multiple porn scenes and compiled them into a single image on a white background.

The resulting tessellation of fuckery resembled a flight safety instruction card.

I put my own mask on first before helping her to operate her mask.



Placed it firmly over her mouth and nose.

hotwife and voyeur barbie

Image courtesy of Barby Sins.

I was already in the full upright position.

She blew my whistle.

I checked her floatation devices and prepared her gate prior to ascent.

Stowed my baggage in her compartment.

We used some electronic devices.

hotwife and voyeur hitachi

It was a turbulent and extremely bumpy ride.

Remember, in the event of a sudden impact, bend over as far as you can, arch your back, relax your buttocks and bite down on the edge of the mattress to preserve your dental records.

The reverse man on top (AKA the overpass or the reverse piledriver) was a new one for me.

A bracing position.

I had a lovely view of her emergency exit.

For the cumshot I grabbed one of the cameras off it's tripod and held it for a POV close-up of my jumbo achieving maximum thrust, lifted her flaps and jettisoned all over her rear door.

We finished our bucks fizzes, washed up, and I left my lovely hotwife co-star and her charming voyeur husband to enjoy their new custom made porno.

The next morning I got a nice thank you note.

voyeur and hotwife thank you


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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