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That's Why I Say Phuket. Oz on Holidays in Thailand.

18th December 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

The best job in the world is even better for a little vacation every now and then. I had a lovely break from perversitude and bummery in sunny Phuket, Thailand for 3 weeks.

I stayed in a bungalow on stilts in the jungle. Elevated into the treetops, I reclined on a sea of green. The only sounds around the chirps and tweets of all the forest creatures and the occasional croaking cry of the Tokay Gecko who lived on my porch.

The gardener came around every few days with a flamethrower thingy to blast herbal smoke under my bungalow. I guess to frighten away the wildlife but Tokay kept coming back. I went out on my porch and played Tokay mating calls from my phone speaker to see how my little Gecko friend would react. We had a long, and from his perspective probably very confusing, conversation.

I woke up at 6AM every day and went to train for 2 hours at a Muay Thai gym. Running, jump rope, stretches, footwork drills bouncing around on top of a tyre, shadow boxing, 5 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute breaks of hitting pads with a trainer, usually about 3 rounds of sparring, a few more rounds of hitting the bag, sit ups on an incline bench and then some more stretches to finish. Then off to eat and take a rest and back to the gym again at 4pm for another 2 hours. 6 days a week for 3 weeks.

Are you into fitness? Why not try fit'n'"s cock in your mouth?

I paid a visit to Peace Blue Nudist Resort and paid for a day pass to go relax naked by their pool and meet some friendly nudists.

One evening I had a felicitous rendezvous with a Phuket Fetlifer who kindly introduced me to needle play. We'd arranged via Fet to meet for a coffee and then agreed to meet again at her place the next day.

This type of timeline works well when engaging in edge play with a new partner. Ideally, you want to meet in some neutral location where no play is going to take place and just talk. Then if both parties are happy to proceed after some of the details have been negotiated, arrange to meet again in a private setting. Then talk some more and only then, after all necessary communication, start a scene together.

I'd seen from her pics on Fet that she was into needles and I expressed an interest in gaining some practical needle experience as a top so that I could offer this to bottoms and also wanted to experience a few needles as a bottom so I'd know how it feels.

In between our coffee meet and play meet, I did my research. Read some articles. Watched some videos.

I arrived at precisely the agreed time was offered a seat on her front porch with a view of her garden, a cold beverage and the Big Buddha gazing down beatifically upon us.

A 46 metre high Statue on a nearby hilltop, silhouetted by the sunset. I think He approved. We may have mixed His messages a bit.

Existence is suffering. Craving and attachment are the causes of suffering. Nirvana is the end of suffering. Nirvana is achieved via the eightfold path.

In fact I was planning to enjoy inflicting and receiving some small sufferings. Eightfold at least. Probably not quite Nirvana but spirited.

After some time spent enjoying each others company we discussed rules of engagement, established limits, defined safewords and proceeded to her boudoir.

Later that evening I took some notes while the experience was still fresh in my memory.

If you're thinking of trying needle play, please read a much more detailed guide. For example this Needle Play Guide.

Ideally play for the first time with someone more experienced to guide you.

Here's what I noted down =

75% ethyl alcohol

Needles from 22 gauge down to 18. Smaller numbers are bigger.

Cotton wool.

Rubber gloves.

Some kind of sterilised flat surface to put needles on eg a stainless steel tray. 

Somewhere to safely put the used needles immediately after use eg a sharps bin.

Open the plastic wrappers for the needles, Put the gloves on. Splash some alcohol on the gloves, Clean the skin with alcohol on cotton wool, take the needle out of the plastic tube without touching the wrapper eg get the bottom to remove the pre opened wrapper. So as not to touch the non sterilised outside of the wrapper with clean gloves. Pinch enough skin to put the needle through with about 1cm between entry and exit point.

Tell the bottom you'll count down 3,2,1 and put the needle in on 1 then tell them to inhale deeply and start to exhale on 3. Insert needle with the bevel facing down so that the longest edge of the needle is towards skin.

Take care not to stick your own fingers.

Bottom may want to watch the needle go in or look away.

The sensation of the finest gauge needles is less than that of a hypodermic syringe.

Having blood taken for STI test you feel more of a prick and getting vaccine hurts more due to the vaccine going into the muscle.

When you're ready to remove the needles, put some alcohol on cotton wool and have it ready. Dab as necessary as a few drops of blood will appear after the needles come out.

Dabbing with the alcohol soaked cotton wool does sting a bit. You can make this more, or less, painful depending on how you administer the dab and how much alcohol you put on the cotton wool. In this case she'd told me she likes the sting so I used a generous splash and dabbed away happily enjoying the reaction this elicited.

Put each needle back in its plastic tube after taking them out and drop them in a safe container. Ideally a sharps bin.

Remember aftercare.

Bottom may experience some kind of drop and or be a bit dizzy afterwards so take time to come down. Talk about the experience.

Dispose of used sharps at a designated sharps disposal location.

It's good practice as a top to check in at some point after the session eg the next day.

Taking the needles wasn't really a painful sensation for me. Even with the 18 gauge. More of an experience in testing the limits of my ability to place trust in someone and try something my mind associates with hospitals. A place where I would normally be on edge.

The power exchange aspect was fun as the top. I enjoyed the feeling I got seeing the bottom place their trust in me. In this case the bottom had previously had a fear of needles and overcome that fear. Knowing that she was able to take the needles but that ability hadn't come easily to her made the experience a rush as a top to take a position of power. I took responsibility for delivering an experience within the limits of the bottom to take. I got the sense that she was only able to taker the needles with an effort of will and on condition that I earned her trust.

During play we both checked for ongoing consent and followed the agreed steps for the needle play exactly like a shared ritual.

We had good communication before, during and after the scene. Without that, I don't think either of us would have taken the needles.

I know if a new play partner had simply produced needles and come at me with them with no discussion, that would not have gone well.

Being that involved in precise movements and following the steps of the ritual is quite an intimate shared experience between top and bottom.

I feel confident after this session that I can safely and hygienically handle the needles as a top. I wouldn't take needles as a bottom in a session. I'll leave that to the professional submissives. But I'm glad I took some needles so I know how it feels as the bottom. 

Honestly, I've never liked hospitals and seeing real doctors is no fun at all for me but I can see how a doctor and patient role play in a medical themed room at a dungeon involving some needle play could be fun.

As a bottom I had enough trust in my partner as a top to let my guard down and didn't have the defensive feeling of tension I usually have in a medical environment like a hospital. It was cathartic for me to let myself be a bit vulnerable and focus on the sensations while being quite passive and not needing to do anything to lead the action.

I'm not masochistic or submissive but I think it's always a good practice to try new kinds of play out on oneself in order to be a more empathetic top.

The closest I normally come to submission is when I do duos with Mistresses and their clients, I always follow the Mistress' lead. I'm polite and respectful on duos and do as I'm told. From the clients perspective I'm still a Dom and I only enjoy BDSM as a top. When I've been invited to a duo at a Mistress' incall location with her client it makes sense that the scene is a case of her house, her rules. If I was to try to prove what a Domly Dom I am by getting all alpha and flexing my Dom muscles all over her scene, that would be bad manners. I can be a Dom for the client whilst taking instructions from the Mistress.

So it wasn't difficult for me to experience edge play as a bottom as well as as a top.

After we cleaned away all the needle play bits and bobs, talked about the session, came down a bit from the endorphins and were both feeling a bit buzzy. Neither of us on a "drop" type of comedown. Just chilled and horny. So we did what came naturally. I rode her hard and put her away wet.

Most of my holiday in Phuket was spent training at the Muay Thai gym, puttering around very slowly and carefully on my rented motorcycle, eating out at a different cheap and cheerful Thai restaurant for almost every meal and occasionally hooking up with sexy people from badoo for fun.

Several of my dates agreed to appear here in a photographic or video format.

Here's a titanic facial on a delighted ladyboy.

ladyboy cum on face plus watermark webp

And here's a rather audacious short film made after we'd taken a jacuzzi together at my bungalow. The jacuzzi is set in 180 degrees of floor to ceiling windows in the jungle treetops. Adjacent is my bungalows very own massage table where my date and I had just given each other full body oil massages. The happy ending is missing. I accidentally stopped recording when I went to turn on the flash and we were having too much fun so I ended on a cliffhanger rather than attempt to get the video going again with my oily fingers.

I say, Phuket. He says Fuck it.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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