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How to Improve Your Sex Life with Escorts

1st February 2017
Oz Bigdownunder

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Sex is a tremendously important part of our life. Whether you have a long-lasting relationship or you enjoy casual sex with different partners, having sex regularly will help you stay healthy, both mentally and physically. Now, if you have trouble finding a partner because you are shy, inexperienced and you lack confidence or you and your partner are looking to try new things, hiring a professional escort can help you a lot.

We know that there is some stigma when it comes to hiring an escort and that people associate them with something bad, but things are different now. Today you can learn a lot from this experience and you can even improve your sex life by going out on a couple of dates with them.

Be open about what you like

Some people are shy talking about what gives them pleasure during sex. If you want to fix or improve your sex life, then you will need to be completely open about it and that’s where escorts can help you. If you’re a gay man, hire a male escort and tell him exactly what you want to experience. Be very precise and remember that there is nothing embarrassing about your sexual desires. Escorts know what they’re doing and they will make sure you feel comfortable and that all your wishes come true.

Try new experiences

Sometimes people are afraid to experiment. We’re not saying that you should do something that you don’t like, but introducing a couple of new things in your bed can do a lot of work. For example, trying different models of mens sex toys can help you realize what pleases you exactly. On top of that, if you hire an escort, they can introduce you to new ways to pleasure yourself.

Just remember to discuss rates with them before you book a date. Different activities have different rates and if you are hiring them for a simple experience with no over the top demands, you should be paying less than for some fetishes or other demanding experiences.

Satisfy your fetishes

Lastly, you can satisfy your fetish needs that you couldn’t do otherwise. This is especially true for some more obscure fetishes that some couples would like to try. For example, if you want to satisfy your voyeur needs in a safe and legal way, you can always hire an escort and watch them pleasure themselves or if you and your partner want to be watched, escorts can do that for you.

Same goes for other fetishes like domination, foot fetish, BDSM, and so on. They can all be safely practiced with professional assistance. You can even hire TS escorts, if that’s your thing. It’s important to remember that fetishes are a crucial part of our sexual experience and if you manage to open up about them, your sex life will improve greatly.

We hope that you’ve learned something new from our article. As you can see, escort services are not that taboo anymore and your sex life can benefit greatly if you use them. You just need to remember what you learned from these experiences and practice it with your future partner.

Peter is a dating writer at High Style Life magazine from UK and AU. Beside writing he worked as a consultant for many fashion events around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

Aussie male escort.

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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