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Kidnap Fantasy Roleplay Duo with Madam Helle

30th June 2021
Oz Bigdownunder


Madam Helle invited me to join her for a kidnap fantasy roleplay duo session with a new client.

He'd requested a kidnapping roleplay whereby he'd gotten drunk and behaved inappropriately towards a woman he met on a night out. In his desired roleplay scenario, the object of his unwanted advances then punished him by taking him home, undressing him, tying him up and then inviting a male friend over to use and abuse him.

Our client arrived and after receiving the paperwork, Madam Helle immediately instructed him to strip naked and leave his clothes, then follow us into her dungeon.

There she had him kneel before us and confess his drunken, lecherous misdeeds.

We concurred that we should hold him hostage and take some pictures of him naked and helpless in restraints and surrounded by scary looking bondage and impact play equipment. Then we'd send those pics to his wife and see if she'd pay a ransom to get him back.

I suggested that if she wouldn't pay, we'd make a profit from him in a different way. By pimping him out £5 a go so men could come and use him.

Our captive protested but his reluctance was belied by his erection which popped up like a little beacon to advertise his actual willingness to be penetrated by strange men.

Madam Helle asked him if he was a virgin. At first he said yes. So we had him bend over and spread his cheeks so we could examine his hole. I expressed doubt as to the claim that our new property was untouched and unspoiled. We questioned his chastity once more. No man can keep secrets from an inquisitor the likes of Madam Helle. With a few stern words yelled in his face and a well placed slap or two she got the truth out of him. He had indeed sucked cocks before and been sodomised on occasion.

We decided the best course of action would be to bend him over a spanking bench, tie his wrists and ankles, pop a ring gag in his mouth and then spitroast him on my cock and her strapon.

The running joke being that each cock or cock shaped object we managed to insert in him represented additional potential revenue. Our initial evaluation of £5 a go soon expanded to a decent prospect of £15 by factoring in our captives ability to take two cocks in his mouth and one in his ass simultaneously. This kidnap business could prove profitable.

"Are you enjoying this slave?" "Do you like having your holes used?" "Nooo". "are you sure?" *a courteous reach around confirmed that in fact he was still rock hard and throbbing*.

I pounded away roughly from behind and noticed that the spanking bench was creeping a few millimeters across the floor with each thrust. I pointed this out to Madam Helle. "he's running for the door!". She laughed. "that's fine darling if he wants to get out, we'll take him out and continue spitroasting him on the traffic island in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic."

We untied him and swapped ends. He'd given up all pretense of virtue by this stage. All inhibitions forgotten he moaned with pleasure, drooling down my cock as I went ass to mouth. He rode Madam Helle's strapon like fast forward footage of a frantically twerking badonkadonk.

Not bad for a beginner. Once properly broken in, he'll be a good earner.

Eventually he was too exhausted to ride any more. So we relented with the throatgasms and assgasms and gave him permission to have an actual orgasm. On the condition that he swallowed every drop of my cum first.

He actually missed a few drops. "You dribbled cum on the floor of my dungeon!" "Bad boy" "Lick it up this instant". He did so most obediently and received a hard spanking while he was at it. "May I please cum now Mistress." "Yes, you may."

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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