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Krásná kurvička. A Trio of Duos.

4th August 2023
Oz Bigdownunder

Stay tuned to learn the meaning of Krásná kurvička 😉 On Tuesday I was invited to three duos in the same day. Firstly, Mistress Luna and her regular client invited me to a forced bi and sissification session at Luna's dungeon here in Marylebone. Secondly, Mistress Jessica and her new client invited me to a hotel in Heathrow for some bi curious cuckolding and voyeurism. Last but not least, my third duo of the day, a regular couple of mine saw Kitty on my friends page and asked me to arrange a midnight rendezvous for the four of us at my place.

The foursome with Kitty was pre-arranged, deposit paid and confirmed on the day. So that one was happening, 100%.

The duo with Luna was one days notice to be confirmed on the day and the duo with Jessica was a last minute spontaneous occurrence. The session was already in progress and my name came up in conversation so I got an impromptu request to attend.

Usually I only accept one, or two at most, sessions per day but I was feeling especially frisky after the Luna duo and so even though I knew I had the Kitty duo coming up, I decided to go for the hattrick and accept the Jessica duo too.

How could I refuse? Mistress Jessica is a Goddess. Artemis, if you keep abreast of your mythology. Just look at those boobies. I'd gladly take on the Sisyphean task of rolling her boobies up a mountain. She can rest her boobies on my shoulders for eternity like Atlas carrying the celestial spheres.


Where was I?

Ah yes, Mistress Luna. Whenever I arrive at Luna's dungeon for a duo we greet each other quietly at her door with kisses and genuine affection. We're friends and I'm always delighted to see her. Then as we enter her chambers we adopt a more clinical bedside manner befitting the occasion. Inevitably, there's a sissy, bound and helpless, wrists and ankles cuffed and legs akimbo via a spreader bar suspended from stainless steel rigging built into Luna's amazing apparatus.

Today's sissy is resplendent in a pink PVC mini-dress, stockings with suspenders and full make up with bright pink lipstick. It always behoves me to make some kind of complimentary, but mildly obscene, remark upon meeting a new sissy. I went with "What do we have here? A very slutty looking sissy! You look like a proper whore don't you sissy? But you are missing something... That's it. You need a cock in your mouth."

One must never underestimate the importance of appropriate accessories to a ladies outfit.

See? A giant cock in your whore mouth highlights your style, tastes and interests. Shows up your personality. A cock in your mouth accessory is fun and exciting. It's the must have new sissy look for 2023. Don't leave home without one.

Mistress Luna is a virtuoso with her implements and had sissy levitating with some inspired application of a magic wand and a milking machine.

The Bigdownunder did what Bigdownunders do best.

Face raped and brutally sodomised a sissy. Afterwards, she was so wobbly and trembling I had to help her get dressed and we prolonged the aftercare until Luna and I were sure sissy could safely walk out to get in a taxi. She was delirious. I don't think our sissy gets opportunities to get fucked that often so when the occasion arises, she does like to get pounded so hard she can barely walk afterwards. Happy to oblige.

Onwards to Heathrow. A bi curious gentleman who loves voyeurism and gets off on the idea that his beloved Jessica already swallowed the cum of one client earlier that day. A fact that whenever mentioned, inspired Jessica to immediately French kiss her new friend. Much to his delight. He was partying away happily. Content to watch me rise to the occasion and receive a sloppy blowjob from Jessica. I returned the favour going down on her wet pussy like a parched Bedouin diving face first into an oasis. Then I fucked her hard in missionary with our gentleman friend beside us clinging on one handed to the wildly bucking mattress like the raft of the Medusa in a force 12 hurricane. He begged to see me cum on her tits. I obliged like a magnitude 9.5 earthquake imploding adjacent Pepsi and mentos factories.

Jessica and Mr bi curious were about to receive another guest after I left. A mutual friend of Jessica and I. Svetlana from Slovakia. Mr bi curious speaks Slovakian and was practicing with Jessica to make Svetlana feel welcome by addressing her in her mother tongue. I picked up one phrase which is now the only phrase I know in Slovakian but must surely be the best possible first words to learn in any language.

"Krásná kurvička". It loosely translates to adorable whore.

Or cute slut. Words to that effect.

Later that evening another extremely Krásná kurvička, Kitty, arrived at Chez Oz ten minutes before our guests to get ready. Making herself sexy for a session is almost entirely redundant for Kitty. She's always unbelievably sexy. The only reason I'd kick her out of bed would be to fuck her on the floor.

Our guests arrived. Mr and Mrs A. They've met me before for a duo with Cassandra. They loved Cassandra but in the interests of variety being the spice of their sex life, they went looking on my friends page for someone else who would be their type.

Naughty, open-minded, sweet, submissive, slim and petite.

Kitty was perfect for them.

They'd paid me a deposit in the form of a Selfridges gift voucher. Naturally, I used it to purchase something sensible. A Sex Wedge.

I love my new Sex Wedge. Now Mrs A loves it too. With the Sex Wedge on the edge of the bed and Mrs A in legs up Missionary with the wedge under her beautiful, shapely bottom, her hips are raised to the perfect position for me to fuck her for maximum g spot stimulation whilst freeing my hands. The wedge means I don't need to use either had to lift or hold her legs or hips. So I could ambidextrously aim my magic wand for her clit with one hand and hold her wrists pinned to the bed with the other. Being held down in this way is her biggest turn on and she was in heaven.

Beside us, Mr A and Kitty were having a karma sutra and a half of fun.

During a brief pause in the action, we were chatting and they mentioned that these sessions keep them both in a state of horniness for many months. Every moment of privacy they get (they're parents), they talk about these foursomes, get excited and end up in bed together. I asked whether they talk about foursomes more leading up to a session or after it's happened. More after. On the day, they deliberately stop talking about foursomes or else they'd get too excited and have no energy left for the actual session. They'll reminisce about fond memories we're creating for decades to come. Definitely an "Awww" moment. Kitty and I did indeed go "Awww".

Once we'd all come, multiply in some cases, and they'd gone, I told Kitty that was my third duo of the day. I received a high five. I believe that's the customary form of congratulations for scoring a hattrick. Either that or I should turn the front of my T-shirt inside out over my face and charge around roaring with my arms waving until my Krásná kurvička team-mates tackle me to the ground and pile up on top of me.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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10 months ago

Wow, this was incredibly hot!

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