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Lady Lana

9th June 2020
Oz Bigdownunder

A big thank you to Mistress Charlotte for recommending me to Lady Lana and Miss Linda.

Charlotte is my sexy, busty next door neighbour and frequent duo partner. Always great fun and the best tits in London.

Her friend Lady Lana asked for a bull for a cuckolding session and with zero hesitation, Charlotte passed her my number saying I'm far and away the best male duo partner.

My kinky new colleague Lana also has huge and gorgeous tittys. 38HH!



I hear Miss Linda wields a mean whip. Book us together for double domination and forced bi if you dare.

It's been a fairly uneventful few months thanks to a certain global pandemic. That's you coronavirus. Curse you.

Although it has given me a lot of free time. I've taken up running. I bought a fitbit and I've been using it to GPS map my runs 6 days a week in Regent's Park, Hyde Park and around the streets of Marylebone and Mayfair. I miss the gym badly but I've been making do with a daily home workout of stretches, pull ups, 4 sets of ten of as many dumbbell exercises as I can get through in about an hour, sit ups and pushups.

I've spring cleaned every inch of my flat, sold mountains of old clothes and bits and pieces on ebay, unleashed my home handyman skills on everything that needed repairs and sorted, individually bagged and stored all my toys so that I know precisely where everything is and they're all ready to hand to grab without having to dig deep into the former disarray of my toybox.

I read lots of books, Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books and The Witcher Series by Andzej Sapkowski have been keeping me entertained. Watched lots of TV series. Some very bingeworthy TV got me through quarantine like Westworld, Rick and Morty, Happy! The Great, Picard, Altered Carbon, Better Call Saul and The Mandalorian.

Dusted off the playstation and played some Streetfighter and Wipeout.


Studied and played a lot of chess. Thanks to a Gingergm DVD on the najdorf, a chessable endgame course. Also, lots of chess youtube videos from chessbrah, streaming of online chess tournaments from chess24, lichess studies and analysis and lots of tactics puzzles on chesstempo and my chess rating has gone up over 100 points.

I deleted all my duplicate and unwanted jpgs. Then I used a file renamer to rename all my photos with locations and dates in the image tags.

Similarly, I went through my music collection and deleted all the unwanted tracks and replaced all the low quality mp3s with flacs or 320kbit mp3s and ran them all through mp3tag to get all the artist, album etc tags and album art in order, then mp3gain to get them all close to the same volume. The photo and music projects occupied hours per day for 2 months. Hundreds of gigabytes of files processed. But I'm very happy with the resulting slide show of all my travel pics on my desktop background and immense playlist of all my favourite music. And it kept me busy and relatively sane through the endless lockdown.

No sessions throughout April and May. I did some webcamming, recorded some custom made videos for people and did some video chat sessions on whatsapp at a rate of one £50 amazon UK voucher per 20 minutes.

My regulars are starting to think about sessions again now. I'm sure after things start to re-open this month and next month I'll be back in business.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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4 years ago

 nice tits! They drive me crazy

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