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Duo with Maîtresse Nuit

25th February 2022
Oz Bigdownunder


I received an email from the sublime Maîtresse Nuit requesting my assistance with a bi session for the avatar of her dear regular, a very wild and totally wanton sissy.

Bien Sur!

I came recommended by our mutual friend, Miss Severity Myers.

Maîtresse Nuit welcomed me into her dungeon and into her sissy.

Her dungeon is called The Seraglio. Her Sissy is called Antoinette.

The Seraglio is a former lumber yard that was converted into a morgue and later into a dungeon. Its sturdy, industrial construction of concrete and exposed steel beams and girders makes for an ideal playspace. In it's present incarnation, The Seraglio is an opulent affair, bedecked with the finest dungeon furniture, luxurious drapes and gilt mirrors abound.

On my way there I'd read every page of Maîtresse Nuit's website and was in awe of how experienced, knowledgeable and articulate she seemed on the page. An impression that was redoubled upon meeting her in person and compounded by her elegance, sophistication and sexy accent.

I attempted a debonnaire "enchanté."

After taking a quick shower, I awaited as instructed to be collected by Maîtresse and brought into the dungeon.

There I met sissy Antoinette. On her knees and facing the floor. Pending permission from Maîtresse Nuit to look up and behold the man about to take her virginity.

Permission was granted and Antoinette fell in love at first sight.

Maîtresse Nuit is a true multi-disciplinary genius. A kink polymath.

One of her many talents is as a stylist and make-up artist.

I asked how long Antoinettes transformation had taken. "A few hours". A spectacular transformation it must have been. And Antoinette arose like a phoenix. And then got bent over like a bitch. Hours of painstaking, delicate coaxing via a subtle palette in the hands of an artiste to enhance the most feminine of Antoinette's features. Only to be destroyed in the first few minutes of me facefucking her. But c'est la vie. The fragility and ephemerality of beauty only makes a moment of perfection that much more precious.

Maîtresse was very complimentary about my body and my cock and Antoinette was clearly in raptures at the prospect of getting fucked by me. This warm welcome plus a cold glass of champagne and I found l was relaxed and very much enjoying the company of a majestic Maîtresse and a slutty sissy.

Antoinette proved to be extremely resilient and enthusiastic. We share in common a penchant for buggery.

She sucked cock with exemplary technique for a beginner. A real natural.

With some minor feedback, she adjusted her handling of my cock and balls, further perfecting her deepthroat talents.

Just the way I like my sluts. Greedy, dirty and eager to please.

One handy hint for the novice cocksucker, correct your posture! I shouldn't have to stand on tip toes, or pop a squat. You should have your mouth at the perfect level for me to thrust into your throat. If you're too low, bring your knees together and straighten your back. If you're too high, spread those legs! Knees apart and you'll naturally drop down.

Like all good sluts, Antoinette doesn't need to be told twice to spread her legs.

I followed Maîtresse Nuit's lead and in her very able hands the pace and tempo of the session was perfect. Even the playlist was excellent. Portishead for the throatfucking and Missy Elliot for the assfuck. Formidable!

Maîtresse Nuit and I strapped Antoinette to the spanking bench. Once we had her securely immobilised, Maîtresse strapped on her strap-on and I condommed myself and lubed up, announcing my intentions by slapping Antoinette's firm butt cheeks with my engorged member.

Antoinette responded to the strap on to the fore and penis to the aft by opening her mouth wide and reaching back with both hands to spread her cheeks respectively.

That's what we like to see. No false modesty. The meek may inherit the earth but the bold sissies get a hard spit-roasting.

And spit-roasted she was. Hard.

Nothing clenches the sphincters like a good gag reflex. I very much enjoyed the muscular contractions elicited in Antoinette's anus by the silicone shaft sliding down her gullet.

Excellent communication on Antoinette's part too. When prompted by Maîtresse Nuit to describe her thoughts and feelings regarding getting fucked by myself, she was able to do so with utmost eloquence. And when my cock was going deep at an angle that was painful, she let us know immediately and I was able to slow down and reposition myself. This kind of feedback is essential. Anal shouldn't be painful. If it is, speak up and your top should find a way to fuck you that's enjoyable for all parties.

Maîtresse Nuit rewarded Antoinette for an ass well fucked with a good thrashing with the flogger followed by a stern caning.

A self-avowed "fiend for the obscenely beautiful mark of the cane and the whip and the rhythmic cadenza of their delivery which can transport you from agony into a euphoric trance."

It's a pleasure to watch an artiste at work. That was a flogging and caning administered with flawless technique and a flair for aesthetics. Her background in performance and visual arts really shines when she's in motion. Highly kinetic. A former ballet dancer poised impeccably on perilously vertiginous chaussures.

Then it was my turn to wield my weapon of choice.

Antoinette assumed the position. Supplication. Soon to be baptised. Her lips slightly parted as if frozen in a moment of prayerful benediction. I took a wild guess as to what she might be praying for. And ejaculated all over her face. Prayers answered. Blessed art thou.








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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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