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MFM Duo with Curvaceous Companion, Olivia

21st April 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

I teamed up with Olivia recently to provide a voyeuristic treat for a gentleman who loves to see a curvaceous young woman get a good hard fuck.

Olivia is a curvaceous beauty with the juiciest ass and most perfect hourglass figure.

A client of mine had contacted me  regarding threesome fun and we discussed who he'd like to invite for a duo. He described the girl of his dreams. A BBW of the young, fit and curvy persuasion. He even sent me links to some of the girls he'd contacted. One young lady I recognised immediately and highly recommended but unfortunately we weren't able to get in contact with her.

Then I met Olivia socially and most serendipitously. She's so similar to the girl of my friend's wet dreams, they could be twin sisters. So I asked her permission and forwarded her adultwork link. It was Lust at first sight. He immediately arranged a day and time.

olivia juicy ass

A man of impeccable taste!

Olivia has an ass of geographic proportions. I circumnavigated the equator and found myself in the tropical zone. The climate there was monsoonal. 1000% humidity. Dripping wet. "I like the cut of your jib sir", she ejaculated. I ventured forth like a colonial explorer. Donned my pith helmet, pulled up my jodhpurs and seized both hemispheres. For Queen and Country!

Tits ahoy!

Olivia is a handful. Actually, her tits alone are about four handfuls. The sight of me mauling her loverly jubblies in my big Aussie koala paws proved too much for our until now detached observer. He interposed himself with the utmost adherence to proper etiquette. Polite, composed, genteel. Or maybe he dove in headfirst like a lost conquistador, famished and parched with thirst upon spying a pair of juicy, delicious melons.

One of the above two scenarios. Probably. It was a few weeks ago now. And in the interim I've been watching The Terror Season 1 which depicts sailors seeking the Northwest Passage becoming marooned in a desolate wasteland bereft of sustenance and jiggly boobies.

Speaking of a maritime passage to the promised land, Olivia and I positioned ourselves doggy style in the middle of the bed facing our sex friend with financial benefits seated with his face at boob level. Soon the motion of the ocean had said boobies bouncing hypnotically. My main mast thrust fore and aft. Astern, spanking.

When encountering curves that extreme one must wrench on the stick and brace for the g forces.

Olivia hourglass curves

Definitely see-worthy.

I'll leave you with a lovely poem.

There was a young sailor from Brighton
Who said to his girl, "You're a tight one."
She replied, "Bless my soul,
You're in the wrong hole;
There's plenty of room in the right one."


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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