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Mr Voyeur and Mrs Multiple Orgasmic

19th February 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

I met with a couple last week to fulfil their fantasy of Multiple Orgasmic Wifey experiencing multiple screaming orgasms with a well hung stranger whilst hubby would wait outside the bedroom door and listen to the sound effects until he could restrain himself no longer from entering to behold the throes of our passion.

Featured image courtesy of 回復術士のやり直し.

A purely voyeuristic delight. I love couples. Some wives like to take centre court and have me serve from one end whilst hubby shows off his ball handling skills at the other. Then change ends at half time. But spectator sports are fun too.

She was so flexible and athletic, I half expected her to dismount after her first of many orgasms via a double back salto tucked with a 1080 triple twist and land in a perfect gymnast pose to await the judges' scorecards. 10, 10,  10, 10.

At the exact moment I reached out for my bullet vibrator, I saw her make a grab for her own bullet vibe on the bedside table. Snap! Great minds think alike. We started with hers but the batteries were running low so we switched to mine. Her vibe may have run out of juice but she was in no danger of doing so. Wetter than a mermaid's wet bits.

Wifey is multiple orgasmic and once she gets going can sprint to orgasm in a matter of minutes by riding my cock with my bullet Vibrator on her clit. Each seismic orgasm resulted in a full body muscular contraction exerting a force disproportionate to her slim build. At the moment of climax, her vagina alone has the strength of an Olympic power lifter. The rest of her muscles activate so suddenly and with such rogue strength that I had to either have my full body weight on top of her or be holding on with both arms lest she launch through the ceiling or go cartwheeling across the room.

Jimmy Carr once gave his girlfriend an orgasm. And she spat it back in his face.

I lost my little portable bullet vibrator one day last week. I'm not sure on which day but I guess its found a new life for itself filled with hope and optimism. Sallying forth into the world to enjoy new adventures. Or it's lost and forlorn under the sofa at one of the houses I visited on an outcall. There to remain until it eventually gets sucked up in the hoover.

I grieved its loss. That vibrator and I had some fun times. But I had to move on with my life. Its what pinky would have wanted. So I bought a new one yesterday. Refrained from asking if they had anything that ran on diesel and required the yanking of a two foot rip cord to start the motor. Just a little bullet to go in my little transparent carry on toiletries baggy that I use to carry condoms, lube and massage oil for outcalls. A bullet vibe and a cock ring and I'm prepared for any eventuality. Like a good boy scout.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, with a buck buck here, and a yeehaw there, Multiple Orgasmic Wifey and I rode each other wet and wild.

Eventually, there came a point where she was melted onto the bed. More sex may have actually liquified us both or perhaps we'd both have sublimated into the ether in one explosive, phase changing mega orgasm.

I asked if she'd like a massage and hubby joked that she looks relaxed enough already. Relaxed is one word for what she was.

My contribution to the evenings festivities concluded and I left them to carry on in a similar spirit. Cups of tea and convivialities. Or more likely a quick handjob for hubby who had for the duration of the past hour looked like a man just barely resisting the inclination to cum in his pyjama pants. And then about 18 hours of blissful sleep and sweet dreams of me for Multiple Orgasmic Wifey.




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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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