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Number One in the World

4th March 2018
Oz Bigdownunder



Someone on reddit the other day asked me how I became a male escort and wanted to know how I got to be number one in the world. 

My ex gf became an escort and it seemed fun and profitable. I gave it a try and found I had certain marketable skills and attributes.

At that time I had an office job where I felt exploited, undervalued, overworked, unable to stand up for myself against a variety of sadists and sociopaths in management for fear of losing my job. I was getting paid just barely enough to cover my rent and bills from one payday to the next.

When I started escorting I suddenly found myself with a cash income massively in excess of my old salary. No managers. Complete freedom to work when I wanted and nothing stopping me from rejecting any client I didn't want to see for any reason without even needing to offer an explanation.

I was accepting clients who seemed polite, respectful. My preference is to meet people who demonstrate that they've read my ad, understood which services I offered and which services I didn't offer and were ready to book an appointment, show up, pay and have a good time. I rejected any who seemed rude, pushy, drunk or high on drugs and any who tried to haggle or pressure me to provide services my ad states that I don't offer like bareback.

A lot of my clients were paying to experience something that would otherwise be very difficult or impossible for them to experience. eg Married men who had been bi curious their whole lives but never experimented for fear of possible repercussions if anyone found out. Guys who'd been fantasising and watching gay porn for years or decades finally getting the chance to suck a real cock.

I know I'm not exactly Mother Theresa but I've always felt like I'm making a difference in peoples lives. Doing something that makes them happy. I don't think being repressed and sexually frustrated is healthy for anyone. Including for their loved ones. I think acting on their fantasies makes my clients better functioning spouses and parents, friends, and employees. I'm not curing cancer or solving world hunger but I'm satisfied that what I'm doing is good.

From the beginning I did my best to promote the services I enjoy most. eg seeing couples and doing duo sessions like cuckolding and forced bi with female escorts and mistresses. As a result I got a reputation for specialising in these kind of sessions. I got more and more of these bookings from good word of mouth, from reviews, and from recommendations from one escort to another of me as a duo partner.

After I set my website up and started blogging about the sessions that stood out for me, I started trending higher and higher on google for search terms relating to duos and couples. I've always been very hardworking when it comes to SEO and networking with other escorts. So now I'm number one in the world on google for search terms relating to those kind of sessions and I have a huge and always growing network of duo partners. Now almost all of my business is duos and couples.

I originally planned to keep working until I'd finished paying off my mortgage and then quit escorting and start my own ecotourism business. I already paid it but no plans to retire. Still having too much fun 😉

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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