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4th February 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

Having organised a few orgies, I'm bestowing the title of Orgyniser upon myself.

Mr W and his ravishing wife Y asked me to arrange a foursome and entrusted me with choosing the fourth. I chose Vanessa.

Vanessa and I have done duos with couples together before and those sessions were spectacular so I knew she'd be perfect for them.

Mr W is the most loving and caring husband. The way he worships and adores his beautiful wife is all kinds of romantic. I'm immensely flattered that he chose me to be their companion whenever they visit London. I know initially choosing to book a session with a male escort was something he'd have done a lot of careful research into. They have open lines of communication the envy of the most perfect couples. I can always tell that they've prepared by making sure they each know exactly what the other wants and figured out exactly how to have the most pleasurable experience for both of them. Mr W has read every page of my site and blog inside and out. He's an open book himself when it comes to me ascertaining his wants and needs. Always very easy to talk to prior to and during. Primarily he loves to witness the pleasure of Mrs W. Our evening together was to be an exploration of her bi side with a little experimentation for him too.

Vanessa was perfect. They loved her. Y was treated to every trick in the book, every position in the karma sutra and every toy we'd smuggled into their hotel lovingly administered with the immense combined expertise of Vanessa and myself. The two of us each brought our own unique skill sets and personalities to bear. Y and I have a whole laboratory of chemistry between us. Sparks always fly when we get together. The added thrill of having the gorgeous Vanessa, with whom Y fell in lust at first sight, elevated our carnal passions in triplicate! There were good vibrations, Mr W was introduced by Vanessa to his G spot, Y had multiple orgasms and the climax was impressively spunky and recorded for posterity on Mr W's iphone.

A selection of flyers and goodies I picked up from London Alternative Market today.


Including a rather beautiful handmade, 100% surgical grade silicone dildo from Godemiche.

At the top you can see my new business cards. I handed out a few at the market today. Very impressed with how they came out. The raised gold letters are so shiny and bling bling.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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