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12th April 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

Game of thrones is coming in a few days! I'm expecting to see Drogon emerge victorious and take his place seated on the iron throne as rightful ruler of Westeros. Failing that, it would be great if all the characters who've figured out that John and Dany are related could keep that to themselves at least long enough for us to see some more hot, incestuous wolf on dragon action.

It's the second best thing on tv. The best is this.

What We Do in the Shadows is a comedy mockumentary from New Zealand about immortal vampires living in a share house in Staten Island. Hilarious 🙂


Sandra is in New York at the moment. I miss her and her blue metallic thighs and spiky helmet. she'll be back in London next week.






I might have to order one of these. I know a hotdog gobbler who'd love it.

Twitter has made it clear that sexworkers aren't welcome. Fine. If they insist on censoring us in a sneaky, underhanded way by shadowbanning all sexwork related accounts whilst denying that the practice of shadowbanning exists at all, I'll take my business elsewhere. Switter is completely sexworker friendly and the same team also does , another well designed platform. So I dumped my twitter feed and I've used mastofeed to embed my switter feed in the sidebar of my website.

I went to visit Mr and Mrs D the other day. A very sexy and naughty couple. We enjoyed a hardcore session of double penetration on Mrs D and then bent a helpless Mr D, rendered pliable and somewhat giddy with poppers, over the sofa for a vigorous sodomising.

Afterwards, inspired by a country gentleman on the television, Mrs D was teaching me how to speak toff by not moving my upper lip. I never realised that's why it's called keeping a stiff upper lip. Proper sloaney inflected upper received pronunciation requires this technique.

I also met with Mrs W at her spectacular top floor penthouse suite overlooking the river. Mrs W is stunning and met me at her room wearing only her wedding ring. Mr W greeted me from the screen of her laptop via skype. We propped him up on the ottoman with a view of the super king size bed and I gave Mrs W a slow and sensual nude oil massage with my new Bodyshop massage oil.

massage oil

And a very happy ending!


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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