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Sissy Cuckold on Cleanup Duty. Duo with Mistress Charlotte

29th May 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Mistress Charlotte and I did a duo this week for a Sissy Cuckold.

They say a man is like a koala. He eats, shoots and leaves.

That comma is really punctuating that sentence.

I always try to be a punctual koala.

I arrived at precisely the appointed time and did exactly as Mistress Charlotte had instructed me.

"Come at 3:40 on the dot come in without saying a word and stay silent throughout. Strip off, go to the bathroom to wash up then come to the bedroom and stand in the doorway and await instructions."

I did as I was told and waited patiently while Britain's bustiest Mistress lay back on the bed and ordered her sissy cuckold slave to come and lick her clit slowly and gently, giving extra attention to the right hand side with long, soft, wet licks.

Sissy was dressed in black stockings and panties and wearing a mask for anonymity. He crawled obediently to the bedside and did exactly as his Mistress commanded.

I watched and awaited further instructions. Rock hard and throbbing with anticipation.

Charlotte instructed her sissy in a voice becoming more and more husky and urgent as she got more aroused and wet with every lick of her slaves tongue.

A pair of H cup warheads launched themselves out of her bra. Kim Jong Un has paraded less impressive torpedoes.

I may have been staring at her tits.

How much can a koala bear.

After an eternity I was summoned. "Ozzy, would you please come here and fuck me?"

I thought she'd never ask!

Charlotte ordered her slave to hold the base of my cock in his hand so he could watch and feel the moment his Mistress was penetrated by her Aussie bull.

Mission completed, sissy slaves next instruction was to kneel before his Mistress and worship before her monumental mammaries as they bounced in time with her riding of the Bigdownunder.

A sissy slaves work is never done. This sissy had applied herself admirably but one last task remained. Clean up duty.

I wanked myself off over Mistress Charlotte's divine decolletage and did my impression of a crowd control spray cannon dispersing a couple of hooligans.

Charlotte thanked me and indicated I could leave her and sissy to finish up. I smiled, waved goodbye and mouthed the word "thank you." Whilst still observing my vow of silence.

As I left I could already hear sucking and slurping noises as sissy commenced the delicate task of squeegeeing his Mistress' tits clean with his face.

Sissy Cuckold on Cleanup Duty

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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