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Pegging and Deepthroat. Spitroast Duo with Mistress Charlotte.

6th July 2022
Oz Bigdownunder


To say I'm a fan of Mistress Charlotte's would be an understatement.

Her Mistressly gravitas is as unrivalled. All those curves and me with no brakes? I'd fake a jellyfish sting just to get her to sprinkle me with her Champagne.

Charlotte and I met up at my place and enjoyed a stroll through Mayfair on a sunny afternoon en route to our appointment with Mr T.

A sequel in the making for our Encouraged Bi With a View of Winter Wonderland adventure.

We arrived early and found a park bench to sit and chat. Only to get kicked out almost immediately as it was closing time for the park.

Soon we were knocking on the door of Mr T's penthouse suite.

He made us very welcome. Fixed our drinks. We took our time enjoying small talk about holidays at Disney Land and reminisced about our last meeting when we'd drugged him with poppers and rode him like a Ginuwine pony.

I performed my ablutions in the very spacious and well appointed en suite and returned in a luxuriously soft and fluffy hotel bathrobe.

Naturally, I was careful to maintain my modesty and kept my gown firmly fastened and my knees together. For at least 2 minutes. Then the first few sips of my libation dispensed with what few inhibitions I had to start with and I was doing my Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct impersonation.

Mr T locked eyes on the Bigdownunder as it peeked shyly out from my dressing gown like a timid pet unused to guests.

I took a few more sips and embellished my leg cross manoeuvre a bit so it was more like Kenny Everett doing the Cupid Stunt sketch. Very tastefully done! Legs windmill about 2 metres in the air. The Bigdownunder flailing about like the tail of a crocodile wrestling a wildebeest into a watering hole.

Mr T was giving the Bigdownunder a definite look of lust by this stage. Actually panting with tongue lolling out a la Pepe Le Pew.

It seemed a suitable moment to adjourn to the boudoir.

Without further ado we flipped Mr T on his back like a turtle. I did help the turtle, Leon. I helped himself to a generous squirt of throat numbing spray on his tonsils. "Mmm the throat numbing spray is so delicious and minty fresh!" exclaimed Mr D. At least I think that's what he exclaimed. With my cock pumping in and out of his minty fresh throat, it sounded more like gluk gluk gluurgh urgh uk gluk.

Meanwhile, South of the equator, Mistress Charlotte had Mr T's ankles on her shoulders, her strap-on deep in his ass and her vibrator on his cock.

We edged him in this way to the precipice of orgasm. Removed the vibrator to deny him said orgasm and repeated as above repeatedly until he begged to be allowed to cum.

I think that's what he was begging for. The debutante had my balls in his mouth at the time.

Before we left, Mr T gave me one un-opened lube and un-opened box of XL Skyns condoms that he'd bought especially and couldn't take home.

I had big pockets and joked that otherwise I'd have happily walked through the lobby with them in my hands or balanced on my head. Or juggling them and riding a unicycle.

I like Mr T. He's very flexible and accommodating. He really bent over backwards to welcome us into his inner sanctum. Wishing him all the best in his travels and looking forward to round 3 of Spitroasting him next time he's in London.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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1 year ago

Round two was as much fun as round one. MrT does sound like a lot of fun, and I shall look forward to his return visit.

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