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Sunny Beach Nudy Plage

15th November 2020
Oz Bigdownunder


Nudist Beach

Sandra and I were relaxing on Nudy Plage nudist beach in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria when we heard a buzzing sound from the heavens.

Some enterprising pervert had dispatched a camera drone and was hovering over Sandra's perky, naked tits.

Gallant that I am it behooved me to protect her ladyships modesty. Thusly I interposed myself. Astride her, head down, buttocks aloft , in the goatse pose, my puckered butthole gazing benevolently back at our voyeurist interloper. Like the brown eye of Sauron.

Indubitably, if you gaze long enough into the void, the void gazes back at you.

Our voyeurist drone pilot took the hint and his toy buzzed back from whence it came.

Sunny Beach Nudy Plage Photoshoot

Alone at last. We went for a swim. came back in to dry off in the sun. Applied sunscreen to each others naked bodies. Got a bit carried away and made a spectacle of ourselves. Again. Then went for a walk in the Sunny Beach sand dunes and found a secluded spot for some Al Fresco Fellatio. Filmed for your viewing pleasure.

Sunny Beach Nudy Plage Sand Dunes Blowjob Video

Turkish Bath

We visited Erma SPA & Turkish Bath for a Spa Package including a visit to their Sauna, something I'd been looking forward to for months since all Saunas in UK were closed for lockdown. Then a Turkish Bath starting with a body scrub which left my skin smooth as a babies bum.

Next they soaked some cotton bag thingies like pillow cases in soapy water, whipped them around to fill with air, and squeezed them from the open end, wringing the air out the tiny holes in the fabric to create mountains of soap bubbles which were applied to our bodies by waving the fabric near enough so that only the bubbles touched our skin. The sensation is so faint it's almost imperceptible so it really heightens the awareness to touch as you lie with your eyes closed and focus your mind on following where the bubbles are going. They call this their Foam Massage.

Once we were were rinsed and dried we went to relax by the pool wearing fluffy bathrobes and reclining in loungers. Our massage ladies brought us Turkish mint tea. Once we'd finished our tea they applied our Face Masks and left us to relax and for the masks to work their magic. Finally our masks were washed off and we went to lie on side by side massage tables and were treated to full body oil massage.


Some friends of Sandra's invited us to join them at Sunny Beach for a photoshoot. One of the girls is a Pole dancing instructor and the photoshoot was for her and her top students to promote her poledancing school. We helped to set up the portable pole on a boardwalk leading onto the beach and the girls changed into the first of many outfit changes for their photoshoot. I found a spot to sit where I could take some photos and video clips. The girls took turns doing pole routines then changing outfits while they waited for their next turn on the pole. All the girls are very talented. They made movements that require incredible strength and balance look effortless and graceful. The level of core strength involved is phenomenal and the movements are as sexy as they are impressive.

My arms and shoulders muscles for pull up movements are pretty strong from my rockclimbing days. Likewise, my core strength has always been good from climbing, Muay Thai and lots of sit-ups. I've always had a six pack. So of course I asked permission to jump on the pole. My first time ever and it's much harder than the girls make it look. I was at least able to shimmy to the top, spin my way half way down, hold on with only my legs, release my hands and back arch while still spinning and then cartwheel off the pole landing light on my feet and bowing to a round of applause. Not bad for a beginner but not in the same league as the experts.

I sent a video clip of my new poledancing friends to my chess friends in London. One of them instantly fell madly in lust with Julia, the instructor. He asked me to change our whatsapp chess player group chat profile pic to "the sexy poledancer." I'm an obliging chap=

Sunny Beach Poledancing


Sandra and I treated ourselves to an afternoon at the Spa at Grand Hotel Sveti Vlas.

Sunny Beach Sveti Vlas Spa

There was nobody else there. We had the entire spa to ourselves. The spa is modern and clean, huge and has state of the art spa facilities. Just the place for a sexy photoshoot! We loved their pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.

Sunny Beach Sveti Vlas Spa

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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