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The Top Ten Ways to Tell if You're a Cuckold

27th September 2019
Oz Bigdownunder

Thank you to Adult Creative for this guest blog post = The Top Ten ways to tell if you're a Cuckold

When it comes to cuckolding, you have to realise that this is a fetish that is unique to the person. In short, it is a fantasy that incorporates erotic humiliation into the bedroom. Unlike swinging, which treats the partners as equals in the fantasy, cuckolding distinguishes one partner as lesser than the other. Maybe you're wondering about whether or not you fit their category. Here are the top 10 ways you can distinguish whether or not you are a cuckold.



When it comes to your sex life, you have probably used nearly every form of submission toy there is. You love being tied up, spanked and the idea of being humiliated by your lover is something that turns you on time and time again. This act of submission is a fetish that can grow from just an innocent night of being handcuffed and gagged over to being strapped up, suspended from the ground and being pegged. But don't worry. If this sort of thing truly turns you on, you should embrace it.

2. You love the idea of your wife/lover taking control of your relationship

It's one thing being the dominant party when it comes to your financial, social and professional life, but it's an entirely different thing when you bring that sort of thing to the bedroom. If you love the idea of your wife being the dominant party and deciding all of the sexual positions, and what naughty antics you get up to on a daily basis, you may find that this love of a powerful girlfriend might end up growing until she "forces you" into a truly submissive position, watching her get taken by another man. If this sounds like something you long for in your relationship, you may be on the road to becoming a cuckold.


3. Your porn preferences are interestingly specific

Everyone has their own porn preferences. Some just want a simple romantic touch, others gravitate to more specific fetishes. How often have your own preferences been cuckold related? For instance, do you like watching men get pegged by their wife's lover or are you interested in watching men perform oral on their lovers after their wife's lover has come within them? If so, that may be a sign that you're starting to have fantasies that you want to experience the life of a cuckold for yourself.


4. You are extremely interested in your partner's past sexual experiences

How much do you know about your partner's past love life? Maybe just a few details about who her BF was and what he did for a living. However, if you've asked for a little more than that, you may be repressing your hidden passion to become a cuck. Do you long to hear all of the juicy details about what her ex-partners used to do in bed? Perhaps you take pure delight in knowing how her ex-lovers used to make squeal. If you're feeling cheeky, you may even want to know how much you actually compare to her previous lovers. If you don't compare to them, you will find yourself being turned on more than insulted.

5. You've had dreams about having a cuckolding experience

You probably have an extremely healthy relationship with your wife, mistress or perhaps even a frequent relationship with one of the escorts from Luxury Sweets Singapore. You get on great together and you enjoy the sex you have. However, when you close your eyes and go to sleep, maybe you've had the odd dream where you've imagined her getting roughly pounded by someone else? If you've woken up with a bit of a boner after these sort of dreams then you may be internally repressing the desire to be cuckolded. Just give in to it and enjoy the rush!

6. You enjoy being verbally humiliated about the size of your penis

Yes, you might be a bit of a stallion, but that doesn't mean you enjoy being reminded of it. When you're making love, the best thing your lover can do is tell you how bad you are at it. You want to know that they think that your penis size is small and will not satisfy what you need. The very notion that someone could please your lover in ways that you can't is one of the biggest turns on you could ever imagine, especially if you are allowed to watch.

7. The idea of your partner cheating turns you on

The fact that your partner has the power to go out and get with someone else is thrilling. You can practically predict what is happening at every given moment. Maybe you even stare at the clock and guess when penetration or foreplay is happening. What makes this even better is if you feel confident enough to ask your lover for details about what happened when they were out with their "bull." If they're confident enough to give graphic details then clearly you're ready to become the cuck of your relationship.

8. You love the idea of being in a threesome

Well, maybe not be entirely in a threesome, but to mostly watch your lover with another person, preferably someone who is the same sex as yourself, or at least has a huge member waiting to please them. You adore the idea of being able to get close to the scene and be told how much your lover's new partner is pleasuring them. Better yet, to be "forced" to please the new partner alongside your lover, perhaps through oral sex, or to taste the remnants of what the partner has left behind in your lover, it's enough to bring you to climax.

9. Partner Pride

Most people feel a little bit of pride when they see other people checking out their partners. After all, it's a good feeling to know you're with someone that is solely interested in you, but other people still find them sexy. However, if you're a cuck, you may enjoy the idea that your partner looks good enough for other men to take her. You may hear your partner joking with a friend or another person that they'd love to be left alone with them or vice versa, this might get you a little chubby. These are all signs that you may need to give in to your feelings of being a cuck.

10. Feminization

Whilst not all cucks enjoy doing this, something that might get you a little hard is by being forced to wear "sissy" lingerie or even fully feminized with wigs and makeup. The idea behind this is to make you feel like you are truly submissive to your alpha may and how he is pleasuring your partner. Better yet, after you have been feminized, you will be told things like "you are a such a good girl" or a "good sissy." If these humiliation tactics excite you more than make you feel sad or depressed, it's time for you to accept the control of your new master and watch him pleasure your partner beyond belief.

Are you ready to become the cuck you were born to be?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to become a cuck or indulge in a sensual submissive experience alongside your wife and a hot alpha bull of a man. You just need to be put in contact with the right person to guide you and your lover through the experience. Don't deny yourself the bliss of becoming a cuck. You know that the perfect place to be is at your knew alpha's feet worshipping him and all of the pleasure he has to offer you. Have fun!

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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4 years ago

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Dan Mayne
Dan Mayne
4 years ago

Well, an amazing list again but isn't threesome more into the exploration spectrum as well? Like those guys who prefer threesomes might be doing so because of a need to completely dominate their partner?

Oz Bigdownunder
Oz Bigdownunder
4 years ago
Reply to  Dan Mayne

Thank you. Sure, an MFM threesome eg double penetration can be a male Dom, female Sub scene or could have nothing to do with BDSM. But submissive men can also have a lot of fun in a threesome scenario. Forced Bi and cuckolding are very popular fantasies and if you google "Forced Bi escort" or "cuckolding escort" guess who is the top result? (it's me)

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