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Timewaster Loves the Duck

15th October 2017
Oz Bigdownunder

A timewaster contacted me earlier begging for a duck pic. I was happy to oblige.



Some guys just love the duck!

The Vivastreet Blog provides an excellent guide to avoiding timewasters=

There are lots of reasons why men, women or couples seek the companionship of an escort, but how do you know which ones make reliable clients?
When you work for yourself, time is money so make sure it’s not wasted with dead-end clients by doing the following:

Manage Your Expectations:

There’s no doubt about it, time-wasters can be a real drain on your energy and finances but clients who repeatedly change or cancel appointments (or even just fail to show up) are an annoying occupational hazard.
Limit the frustration they cause you by remembering this.
In most cases, it’s an issue of fantasy vs reality; they love the idea of spending an afternoon in your company but when it comes to the crunch, lack the courage or currency to actually turn up and pay you.
Don’t take it personally.

Manage their expectations:

Time wasters aren’t just those customers who fail to turn up.
They’re the ones who look for either titillation or clarification by pestering you with endless questions or calls.
Limit this by creating a detailed online profile.
By being clear on the most commonly asked questions; your location, age, appearance, availability and the service you provide, you won’t waste time responding to messages or fulfilling a caller’s fantasies for free.

Be wary of smooth talkers:

Some clients who woo you with promises of paid trips or upcoming gifts are genuine; in fact they’re the kind of wealthy, respectful, reliable client a lot of escorts dream of.
But some customers who promise the earth have no intention of giving it to you … they merely offer you sweet nothings to secure your availability, or persuade you into giving them ‘extras’.

Never let a client waste your time more than once:

Life intervenes and, sometimes, clients end up wasting your time through circumstance and not malice.
It’s important to be flexible and accommodating for clients. As a rule of thumb, if somebody wastes your time, accept their apology once – and no more.
If you allow someone to waste your time, they will do it again.
Don’t get angry; maintain a good reputation by keeping your cool and respectfully telling them that you’re too busy to fit them in and recommend that they contact another escort.


Aussie male escort

Bi male masseur, escort and pro dom for men, women and couples. Available for 1-1, threesomes, duos with female or transsexual escorts and forced bi and cuckolding sessions with pro dommes.


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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6 years ago

The sexiest in a man is the intelligence, after have read your posts I think you are a very sexy man. ?

Oz Bigdownunder
Oz Bigdownunder
6 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

thank you 🙂

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