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Top 3 Fantasies

23rd October 2018
Oz Bigdownunder

Huffpost asked me about common fantasies recently=

"What are the 3 most common sexual fantasies you hear clients bring up during their sessions with you? Please explain what the fantasy typically entails and what you think makes it so intriguing or arousing to people. A few sentences per point is great!"

I replied=

Usually clients mention their fantasy before the session. Often it's something they've specifically chosen me for since I mention on my website that it's a service I offer, or they've read one of the articles or interviews where I've said I specialise in something related to their fantasy. Or from word of mouth from one of my duo partners who's recommended me. Some do mention their fantasies during the session. It would be the same top 3 either way.

Top 3 =

Forced bi: single male submissive clients who want to be "forced" by a Mistress to suck, and/or get fucked by, a male escort.  A typical client would be the regular client of a Mistress. eg He's been visiting her regularly for months or years and doing roleplays where he imagines scenarios with him sucking cock or taking one up his ass. He's taken toys and strap ons and eventually plucks up the courage to try the real thing (many fitting this description claim never to have been with a man but then when the time comes you can tell they're actually quite experienced). The Mistress then calls me and the session happens. I'm the preferred male duo partner of dozens of mistresses in London and internationally mostly thanks to my ability to always get rock hard, stay that way for the duration and ability to cum on cue when it's time for the money shot.

I'm ultra professional, always friendly and polite with mistresses, with the clients wants and needs the only priority ie never pushing to do something different to what the client wants just for my own entertainment.

It also helps that I look like a model, have the body of an athlete and I'm hung like a donkey 😉

Cuckolding: again this is a scene that appeals to submissive guys who are turned on by watching their Mistress having sex with a male escort. Often he's tied up and helpless. Usually some element of humiliation eg comparisons of his tiny man clit to masters huge cock. Being called a sissy, told he'll never get a chance to touch his Mistress, saying things like watch how a real man fucks etc. Sometimes cuckolding clients want to be involved eg to lick Mistress pussy and/or suck master's cock, some want to be told to clean up cum afterwards with their tongue. Others just watch. Some jerk off while they watch. Others are in forced chastity eg a cock cage and aren't allowed to touch themselves until the end of the session so it's more about giving up control and the anticipation.

Some of these cuckolding and forced bi sessions also involve more familiar elements of BDSM play like, ropes, gags, impact play eg spanking or caning but not all of them.


My girlfriend and I are both escorts. We work together and individually and we both do a lot of duos with our other male, female and trans escort duo partners. Some of these sessions are with bi clients and some are with straight male clients who want MFM without any sexual contact between the client and male escort. I also get a lot of couples bookings where the couple wants a male escort for her and some couples also book a female escort for him.

For those who can afford to book multiple escorts for a single session, these can be spectacularly hot encounters. I recommend that a client who's thinking of booking a session involving two or more escorts contact one escort who you know has a lot of duo partners who they know well and they've worked with before and get them to choose the duo partner(s) based on the client's specifications re age, race, nationality, body type, fetishes etc. You're much more likely to have good chemistry between all involved that way than if you just book two or more escorts who don't know each other and then hope for the best.

These top 3 fantasies are also my own top 3 preferred types of session. I love providing these types of services and take a lot of pride in providing the best possible sessions for clients who book me. So I've spent a lot of time, effort and money promoting myself for related keywords in frequent blog posts and linking to my duo partners and getting them to link back to me, endlessly tinkering with my site and social media and seeking out journalists to help promote me via articles and interviews. All in order to improve my SEO for these terms. If you google "forced bi male escort" or "cuckolding male escort" or "duos male escort" , I'm the top result on Google for an independent.

My duo partners are always saying that until they met me, it seemed impossible to find a reliable male escort for duo sessions. They all have horror stories of sessions gone wrong where the male escort was drunk or high or late or didn't show up at all. And the most common complaint = he couldn't perform.

I don't accept many bookings so I'm never too tired to perform. And I don't do any drugs. A lot of male escorts performance problems are thanks to coke. And I'm a tremendous pervert so I'm always genuinely turned on. If the client or session seemed likely to be a turn off, I simply wouldn't accept the booking. (# I'm not turned off by anyone based on their age, nationality or race or body type. All welcome. But anyone who seems drunk or high or rude, pushy, disrespectful, tries to haggle my rate or tries to convince me to provide services they know I don't offer, they get a no thank you.)

I've found my niche in that I love what I do and I think I have a unique combination of skills that make me the best.

I hope my contribution and those of others featured in your article inspire readers to go forth and make their own fantasies a reality 😉

In the last week I've enjoyed enacting some fantasies. All erotic, some sexual and one oedipal.

Mistress Charlotte kindly invited me to an adult baby minding session last week. I arrived as one big baby had been changed out of his oversized wet nappy and given much needed potty training by Mistress Charlotte.

The delight our bouncing boy took in the oedipal side of the fantasy with the mummy and daddy role-play was adorable. Charlotte and I slipped naturally into our roles and played to a tee the stern daddy and doting mummy.

Naturally the forced bi component of the session was approached with due consideration for how this fitted in with the rest of the make-believe and all went exactly in accordance with beamish boy's fantasy.

Mistress Vanessa Sin and I had a duo session with a couple last week.

Vanessa and I arranged to meet in the lobby of a very nice Mayfair hotel and then proceed together to the bar to meet a married couple out for a sexy night away. I would say the hotel has, no contest, the best bar in Mayfair. And not for naught was awarded World's Best Cocktail Bar at the coveted Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards.

We enjoyed said cocktails immensely and found the couple charming and hilarious. We all had a good giggle as they poked fun at themselves and each other. Much flirting ensued and despite Mrs protestations that we might just be giving her a foot massage and running her a hot bath depending on her mood, I sensed that she was actually super aroused by both Vanessa and I and Mr was practically bursting out of his pants every time Vanessa or I paid a risqué compliment to Mrs or found some excuse to to touch and caress her. Sure enough, the second we got to their room Mrs and Vanessa were kissing passionately and soon all four of us were on the bed and all inhibitions cast aside, had a foursome of epic contortions.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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