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Torturegarden Halloween Ball

3rd November 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Sandra and I went to the Torturegarden Halloween Ball.

The Halloween Ball is one of TG's best parties.

Torturegarden is a legendary fetish club and the worlds largest monthly fetish event.

I usually go at least a few times per year and always have a blast.

Sandra wore a latex catsuit with devil horns and a devil tail. The tail was made from black, shiny PVC stuffed in sections with foam so that it's stiff enough to hold a curved shape and floppy enough to wave and whip around.

I borrowed the horns and tail for an orgy the day before.

Devil Costume from Mr A Halloween orgy at Eves place 1000w

The tail is great. Whipping bottoms with it is endlessly amusing and it comes to an arrow head point that is firm but just squishy enough not to be a danger.

For the ball, I wore my leather pants, mesh top, Belstaff boots and a mask and gloves with UV activated glowing skull on the mask and skeletal finger bones in the gloves.

The TG parties are always good fun.

We queued briefly, presented our covid certificates, had our tickets scanned, emptied our pockets at security (didn't bat an eyelid when I dumped a fistful of kingsize condoms and lube sachets in his tray) and then proceeded to the bar on the first floor to whet our whistles. Opposite us two large gentlemen attempted to simultaneously perform the hymenlick manoeuvre on their lady friend. We marvelled at their handling of the logistics of getting their heads aligned in such a way to allow both tongues to get involved in the action.

Like two bulldogs fighting over an oyster.

The scala venue is like a maze. The layout somehow defies geometry. Like that MC Escher picture of the endless staircases. I advised Sandra to wear her flat soled Prada biker boots. Attempting to navigate all those orthogonal stairs in stilettoes would be perilous even for the most fleet footed of kinky latex devils.

Observed some impromptu fisting action in one of the laws of physics defying stairwells. A woman with forearms like Popeye, elbow deep in her husband. Missionary position with eye contact. It was romantic.

She wore him like Sooty.

Torturegarden hasn't reinstated the couples room yet due to covid but this has simply resulted in the entire party becoming one giant couples room. Especially the ledge at the back of the dance floor.

I suspect earlier that evening torturegarden staff antibacterial sprayed that ledge to surgical operating theatre levels of sterilisation.

By the end of the evening you could have taken a run up and launched yourself face first onto the giant spreading pool of semen, aquaplaning (spermplaning?) across the room on a standing wave of spunk.

There was enough genetic material on there to populate a small terraformed exoplanet with kinky perverts.

They've roped off the dungeon room and only one couple per item of dungeon equipment are allowed in at any one time. This is intended as a sensible covid precaution but the result is a mosh pit of hundreds of excited onlookers all shoulder to shoulder just outside the rope barrier straining to get a view of the action. Cheerfully inhaling a miasma of each others hot, steamy, breath as they stand panting with excitement watching various spankings.

There are signs up stating the TG policy regarding cameras and touching.

Don't take any photos inside the venue and don't touch anyone without consent.

I didn't see anyone breaking these rules. I saw very few phones all night and nobody was taking pics except for the designated TG photographers who were asking permission of their subjects.

Thanks to the expectation that unwanted groping is strictly forbidden and you're not going to end up with your face in the background of thousands of people's selfies on their social media the next day, TG attendees feel free to enjoy a lot of social nudity.

The traditional fetish outfit of head to toe leather or latex can look amazing but is incredibly hot and sweaty to wear all night in a club. At TG people go to a lot of effort and expense to make some spectacular outfits.

The best thing about TG is seeing what everyone's wearing.

And seeing all the bits they're exposing via the things they're not wearing.

The first stage performance was a young man demonstrating incredible acrobatic skills on a stripper pole. I haven't seen anyone go up and down a pole that vigorously since my last date with your mum.

Ben Loader - Swine Pole Act from Ben Loader on Vimeo.

His name is Ben Loader. His aerial acrobatics on ropes, straps, chains etc are beyond impressive.

Check out his 2021 Showreel.

BEN LOADER SHOWREEL 2021 from Ben Loader on Vimeo.

Later, Skinny Redhead treated us to an aerial shibari performance. This kind of puts my own boy scout knotting abilities into perspective in comparison to what's possible for the experts. Skinny ties and unties elaborate ropework at lightning speed. All whilst swinging from the ceiling and spinning like a dervish. At the same time she's being rapidly raised and lowered by increments of about 10 metres on a winch.

The final show was a burlesque strip tease by devilish international show-ghoul extraordinaire, Marie Devilreux. Her striptease culminated in a bath in a glass coffin filled with blood. Goregeous!

Thanks to Mojo Swoptops for the background for the featured image. It's the stairs from the Joker movie recreated in Farcry. And thanks to Ghostrider for lending me his flaming skull.


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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