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Tutti Frutti, Threesome with a Sexy Young Couple

14th October 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

I met a couple, M&L, at Shangri-la hotel on the Shard last week to enjoy the sunset, voyeuristic sex and tutti frutti flavoured condoms.

Once more, I ascended the giant phallic edifice.

A smooth ride up the (lift) shaft.

Last time I was at Shangri-la was for a shared content session making porn video clips with Elizabeth.

That was a match made in heaven. My tower of Babel. Her garden of Eden.

M contacted me by email a month ago to ask about my availability.

At the time I had family visiting so I let him know my soonest available dates and we arranged a day and time.

M&L have fantasised about an MFM threesome for a while, and have read my blog together.

They had an FFM before, but this was to be L's first time with another man.

M (husband) is straight and has occasional cuckolding fantasies. L (wife) is bi and very sex-positive; she wants to be with two guys but does not like cuckolding scenarios.

As per M's email, their boundaries are no sexual contact between myself and M.

Their own interactions are very sensual / GFE, and that's what they like and want to stick to.

After lots of discussion, M&L proposed a scenario that would begin with M meeting me downstairs and taking me to the room.

We agreed to start with a chat and a drink.

Then, in his email, M suggested L and I start off, making out and then proceeding to oral on her. M to join in after L comes.

Once L is ready, he wanted me to enter L in missionary / reverse cow girl / doggy style. Then cum while M penetrates.

M intended the plan as a general guide, adding that we'd go with the flow on the day. He just wanted to sketch something out to make sure we're on the same page.

One ps, he asked if I had any preference for condom flavours.

As arranged, I met M downstairs.

I was on my way in an uber and sent him my live location on whatsapp. He sent me his live location too. I jumped out of the uber a few blocks early as it was going to be quicker to walk directly rather than follow a big loop of one way streets. Zeroing in on someone's live location on GPS always feels like that scene in Aliens with the spacemarines watching xenormorphs converging on them via motion tracker. In this case he was waiting for me in a blue scarf with a big welcoming smile. Not short controlled bursts from a pulse rifle.

L awaited in the promised land above.

They were both a bit nervous but once we were all together in the room, I had a chat with them.

Just small talk, charm, jokes, got them to relax a bit. Then I mentioned my understanding of what they wanted and their limits and boundaries from M's email.

I asked if there was anything else I should know about that they especially wanted to happen, or didn't want to happen, and assured them that they could speak up at any time if they were uncomfortable with anything.

This kind of conversation always seems to resonate with couples. Once they're sure I'm going to be professional, respect their boundaries and make the session all about their pleasure, this reassures them.

Most couples are much less nervous once we reach this understanding.

After toasting with very nice vintage champagne and enjoying one another's company and the spectacular west facing view of London at sunset, M&L's expressions and body language seemed much more at ease.

Beside the bed a profusion of flavoured condoms and lubricants. Strawberry, melon, mint, banana. All the fruits. Tutti frutti.

M asked me to choose. Bewildered by the menu, I looked around for a sommelier to suggest a suitable pairing. No sommelier. I deferred to L to make the decision.

L opted for banana flavour. Excellent choice mademoiselle.

She rolled me across her palate. Delectable mouthfeel. Rich in mannoproteins.

As agreed, M was mostly hands off in his capacity as an accredited erectoral observer.

It was rather romantic what with the bubbly, view of the sunset, L and I entwined in coital ecstasy and M spanking his monkey.

I introduced L to the contents of my bag of tricks. Doraemon gadgets. A small dildo and metallic Doxy bullet vibrator.

She was as thrilled as a McDonalds Happy Meal. Always comes with a toy inside.

There's a great tune by Disclosure that goes something like=

Come on!

We proceeded accordingly.



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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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