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Vera Playa Nudist Village

1st June 2022
Oz Bigdownunder

I had a very relaxing holiday in Vera Playa Nudist Village in Andalusia, Spain on the Costa del Sol.

1 week at Vera Play Nudist Resort.

Clear blue skies and 20 something degree temperatures every day in this sun soaked paradise for the unclad masses.

Most of my holiday was spent lounging by the pool, waving my brobdingnagian cock about, playing the odd game on the giant chess set and catching up on some administrative work.

Eg I'm curating list of about 1000 personal websites of sexworkers for my search engine,

The giant swimming pool surrounded by terracotta tiled beach is an endless promenade of naked bodies.

The palm trees around the artificial lagoon swimming pool are home to thousands of tiny chirping birds. Their cacophony of tweeting is soothing in an R2D2 getting serviced up the small exhaust port by a Rancor sound effect kind of way.

The majority of the guests are couples with an average age of about 60.

Nudists of all shapes and sizes frolic dishabille.

vera playa map 1 vera playa map 2

The entire hotel, surrounding restaurants, streets and beach are all nudist. The map is a bit unclear where the nudist zone begins and ends. I spoke to some couples who go every year and they said if you go for a walk, just put some shorts on when you reach a point where you see people wearing clothes. If you've wandered outside the official nudist area, but you're still within a km or so, nobody is going to be too bothered. If they live on the outskirts of a nudist resort, they're used to it.

Resort activities include archery in the altogether, boules in the buff, starkers air rifle target shooting and aqua aerobics au naturel.

vera playa gym arny

I eschewed the organised activities in favour of reading my book by the pool, working out in the gym and chatting to other naked people.

Activities directed by very loud, extroverted entertainers are not my cup of sangria. But I was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm. Also the novelty never seems to wear off of seeing several hundreds of naked geriatrics trying to keep up with hyper-energetic 20 somethings leading an aerobics class to the tune of thumping EDM anthems.

vera playa gym terminator

Tickets to Almeria are often super cheap. Especially outside the high season. Now it's their Springtime which is still low season. But I think a much better climate for social nudity.

Be aware that the last bus from Almeria to Vera leaves at about 6pm. Buses only cost about a tenner but if you miss it, a taxi is over 100 euro.

I had a late flight so I stayed one night in Almeria and got the bus in the morning.

Checked in, stripped off and stayed naked 🙂

It was a minimum booking of 5 nights to get the cheap room rate at the resort in Vera. I couldn't get in contact with the resort to ask if this was negotiable so I just booked the 5 nights and changed my flight. Nobody picked up the phone. Their whatsapp was set to autoreply and nobody responded to emails but I can confirm the resort does exist!

There's a community of expats who have bought, or are renting year round, property in The nudist village and live naked all day every day. Mostly retirees and some digital nomads.

If you really love being naked, there are worse places to retire and it's a great fun place for a holiday. Lots of sunshine, beautiful beaches, cheap property, low cost of living and a friendly, very open-minded community of nudists.

When I got back to London there were two parcels waiting for me. New Toys! A Ko Ryu - Triones tentacle dildo from Bigshocked which they sent me in exchange for a review which I'll publish here soon. Also, a Blush Exposed Nocturnal Bullet Vibrator from Pleasuregarden. I'd read about this bullet vibe on other people's blogs. Eg Miss Ruby, Coffee&Kink and BettyButch. It has a reputation for being one of the most powerful bullet vibes in the world. So of course I had to have one!

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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