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Wrestling & Forced-Bi Foursome

21st February 2017
Oz Bigdownunder

An English gentleman booked an appointment on my last day in Dubai for an incall foursome forced-bi fetish wrestling session at my apartment in Cayan Tower. He requested that I arrange two female escorts. I agreed on the condition that he drop by the day before and pay a deposit to cover the fee of the two female escorts since I hadn't seen him before and didn't want to book the girls for him and then be left with two angry unpaid escorts if he didn't show up.

Fortunately he was perfectly happy to agree to this condition and arrived at exactly the agreed time, paid the deposit and explained what he had in mind for the session. It was to be a roleplay, wrestling, forced bi and cuckolding session. He described his fantasy scenario in which one of the girls was an estate agent giving him a tour of an apartment. He was to flirt with her and behave inappropriately and then be caught in the act when her two colleagues, myself and the other girl, walked into the living room.

He was to be scolded for molesting our colleague, mocked, verbally abused, wrestled to the ground by me while the girls cheered me on, forcibly stripped naked then made to wear a g string, given a spanking, made to suck my cock, dragged into the bedroom, held by the balls by one of the girls and made to watch while I fucked the other girl and then after seeing me cum, he was to be finished off via a hand job from the girls.

I'm on tour with my friend Sandra and she was happy to agree to join in the session so girl number one was easily arranged. Finding a second girl to agree to an outcall at a private residence with two men involved for the rate he mentioned proved more difficult.

Most of my lady friends in Dubai are pro dommes and charge a higher rate than what was on offer. I tried contacting about 6 different agencies before giving up on this idea. Unfortunately only one of the agency numbers I called was picked up by someone who could speak English well enough to fully grasp the nature of the booking and they only offered outcalls to hotels. I harvested all the mobile numbers from massagerepublic using software and messaged them all using a bulk sms sending service.

From those who responded, by far the most promising candidate for the job was Nicole, a beautiful Japanese girl. She replied instantly to my message, understood exactly what the session would involve and was happy to accept. She arrived at the exact time I asked her to come and we had a quick chat between the three of us to make sure we all had the brief whilst waiting for our gentleman friend.

He also arrived right on time and after some friendly small talk, a drink, a shower for him and one last discussion of the particulars of the scenario, we took our places and the scene commenced.

Sandra played the part of the realtor to a tee. Dressed for the occasion in short skirt, white blouse, stockings with suspenders and killer heels, she gave her pervy would be lessee an apartment tour charged with sexual innuendo, sexy glances and tantalising glimpses teasing the poor boy to the point where he couldn't have kept his hands off of her if he'd tried.

Nicole and I were waiting off in the wings for our cue to take the stage so we couldn't see if it was a grope, a line or a leer that triggered the resounding slap and a roar of Russian accented invective that let us know it was time to take our places in the spotlight.

My part was too be a very physical role which suits me fine. Nicole and I expressed our disgust at the molestation of our friend Sandra and agreed the punishment should be delivered by my own hands for the entertainment of the ladies.

Our octopus handed friend protested feebly and tried a cowardly dash for the door to escape impending vigilante justice but it was not to be. I dragged him to the centre of my Persian rug, slapped one of his flailing hands up and ducked under his arm, grabbing him with my left arm around his back and my right arm up and over his shoulder locking my right hand over my left wrist and squeezing.

I  stepped outside his right leg and playfully slapped his belly with my right thigh. I lived in Thailand for 3 years working as an English teacher and training for 2 hours per session twice per day 6 days a week at a Muay Thai gym for the whole 3 years.

The clinch is an integral aspect of Thai boxing sparring. More time is devoted to the clinch than to boxing, kicks and elbows and it is an art form. I've been thrown around in the clinch like a ragdoll by Thai boxers half my size thanks to their flawless technique honed from when they start training as small children.

After three years I still couldn't clinch anywhere near the level of the Thai nak muays but I could dominate almost any newly arrived western visitor to the gym no matter how big and strong.

Anyway in Thai boxing they use balance, footwork and technique to try and reach a position where their opponent is off balance and then strike with their knees. In sparring they slap with their thighs rather than strike with knees to avoid injuries.

A hard knee, even against a conditioned opponent who's been training and sparring and doing hundreds of situps on an incline bench every day can crack ribs and cause internal bleeding. So of course I just slapped with my thighs rather than knees.

That was enough to genuinely intimidate him but I could feel that he was loving the loss of control as he was so helpless and vulnerable in my grip. Both girls were urging me to take him down so I pulled down on the back of his neck and turned him by his arm while pivoting around to his side to get all his weight on one leg then tapped with my shin against the back of that knee and lowered him onto his ass then onto his back taking care not to drop him too forcefully onto the hard floor.

I've never learned wrestling or jiu jitsu but I've watched enough UFC to know the techniques so I quickly took side control then gained mount position, pinned his arms, hooked my leg around one arm and rolled off to the side holding him in an arm bar, smoothly transitioning from one technique to another. I called for the girls to come and grab his other free arm and as he begged for mercy we laughed and imitated his plaintive cries.

Nicole suggested we strip him so we took turns tearing his clothes off until he was naked. He begged us not to look in his pockets which of course reminded us that a prop was missing and the script required him to be force feminised. Sure enough, a quick search turned up a cute g string in his pants pocket.

Sandra forced him into the gstring and we all had a good giggle at his little sissy cock forming a tiny bulge in his panties. He was undeterred from his state of tiny but obvious arousal despite the ensuing spankathon as the three of us took turns slapping his sissy ass.

We decided it was time for some for some deepthroat and though our sissy protested his protests were soon silenced by my fat 9 inch cock filling his mouth.

He went to work and like many sissys who claim they've never sucked cock, he was far too enthusiastic and capable for that to be at all believable. Sandra played with his boy clit and Nicole tortured his nipples whilst I marvelled at the variety of choking and gagging sound effects I could make him produce via fucking his throat at different depths, angles and rhythms.

For the duration he was right on the edge of cumming but Sandra and Nicole expertly read his body language and managed to tease his cock just right to prevent him from shooting his sissy load too soon. He wasn't the only one super turned on.

My own cock was rock hard as I face raped him and when I reached one hand into each of the girls panties I found them both dripping wet, grinding against my fingers and begging to be fucked.

A gentleman should never keep a lady, or ladies, waiting so I pulled out and led Nicole to the bedroom by the hand. Sandra followed, dragging sissy behind her by his ballbag.

Without releasing her vice like grip, Sandra took a seat on the lounge by the window positioned for a view of the bed, and forced sissy to his knees where he could only watch helplessly as Nicole and I began to kiss and caress one another.

Sandra whispered in sissy's ear, "if only you weren't so pathetic, maybe a woman would let you touch her like that", sissy whimpered in affirmation, his balls bright red in her grasp and his erection visibly throbbing. By this point my finger was on Nicole's g spot and my tongue was expertly licking her clit eliciting the most delicious moans.

The first time I spoke to Nicole on the phone I'd been very impressed by her sexy voice and had wondered what her moans of sexual ecstasy would sound like. And now I knew.

Two characteristics quite common in Japan which can be surprising to westerners = untrimmed bush and girls who respond to sex by making a noise like a pokemon being stomped on. Nicole fit neither stereotype being waxed in perfect Brazilian fashion and singing the orgasm song in a voice that could lure sailors to their doom. That voice only grew in volume and hypnotic beauty as I fucked her deep and hard.

Sissy strained against Sandra's grip on his balls, thrusting into mid air in time with myself and Nicole, his puny body responding as he imagined himself in my position.

Every pump of his hips must have tortured his restrained balls but in spite of this or because of masochistic delight at the resulting pain, he thrust harder and harder and as I pulled out, tore of the condom and shot my load all over Nicole's perfect, perky tits, he also spurted a tiny sissy speck of cum onto the marble tiles. Sandra released her grip on his balls at last and he dropped to all fours quivering with pleasure.

Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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