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Elust 129 Erotic Fiction and Non-Fiction Blog Post Roundup

24th April 2020
Oz Bigdownunder

Thank you Elust for publishing my post on Elust 129. Erotic Fiction and Non- Fiction Blog Post Roundup.

Erotic Non-Fiction

Vivastreet Interview

This one's mine. Vivastreet asked me how I started out as an escort, what my clients are like, what a normal day is like for me etc. I posted a full transcript of all the questions and my answers.

Symptomatic: (self) love in the time of…

Mrs Fever's account of hot, feverish, self-love on her Temperature's Rising blog. Her blog is about love, sex and relationships from the perspective of an ethical non-monogamist.

Putting it in Overdrive

Another self-love story. This one's by MysticLez218 for VodkaAndDreams. A submissive lesbian fantasising and rubbing her clit. She's seated in her parked car and a mysterious stranger may be watching.


The initiatives of #noEroticon

Marie A. Rebelle's post about traveling to London for Eroticon. Then finding out Eroticon was cancelled but having some adventures in London anyway. Marie is submissive, bisexual and in a power exchange relationship with her husband. Rebelsnotes in a blog primarily about her sexual experiences.

Erotic Fiction

When Lightning Comes From The East

An otherworldly tale of a pandemic in a parallel universe and an erotic encounter with a tall, dark lord and saviour. Courtesy of May More for Ifsexmatters. A treasure trove of kinky capers and erotic photography.


A kinky story by Lucy Ashwood about a latex clad fetish party participant objectified and used by a couple and then passed to other party goers. Each time someone finishes using her, they pass her on to someone else. She's an object to be passed around used by anyone and everyone. A sex doll. Hot story.

Honour Bondage – Up Against The Wall

Honour Bondage is holding a position or pose rather than being bound/tied in place. An honour bound Molly gets beaten with a wooden paddle, fucked hard and takes a load of cum up her ass. Inspired me to buy a wooden paddle.

Pushing his face into her cunt

Fear Fuck

Forced to Orgasm


In the Realm of the Sensei

Sex News, Opinion, Interviews, Politics & Humor

A Black Eye, A Kiss and a Punch in the Nose
What’s So Special About Unrequited Love?

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

24/7 D/s vs FLR: What’s the difference?
Honor Bound

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Curious and Dominance and submission?

Books and Movies

Romance (1999): The Celluloid Dungeon

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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