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Elust 137 Erotica, BDSM history, Lube Reviews and Yoga Bondage

15th May 2021
Oz Bigdownunder

Image courtesy of The Barefoot Sub

Welcome to Elust 137 latest edition including Erotica, BDSM history, Lube Reviews, Yoga Bondage and more.

Elust is a Free online monthly publication of a list of links to blog posts about sex.

Welcome to share your sexy blog posts.

All posts must be less than one month old (7th of previous month to 7th of current month).

The form is open from the 1st to the 7th each month.

The new edition is published on the 15th of each month.

Everyone with a post included publishes that edition of Elust on their own blog.

So if there are 10 posts in the same edition you contribute a post to and they have an average of 5000 views per month for their blogs, thats 50,000 people who might see the link to your post and click through to your blog. For free. All you have to do is contribute and post the edition.

Erotic Non-Fiction

MFM Duo with Curvaceous Companion, Olivia

My own post about my recent duo with Olivia providing a voyeuristic treat for a gentleman who loves to see a curvaceous young woman get a good hard fuck.

A Celebration of a Memory

A beautiful image and write up by Blue from Buesubmission. Intricate ropework and sexy model Violett.

Rush Poppers Inhaler Mask

Milady has a new toy! She's my butterfly. Sugar. Baby. Come Milady. Come, come Milady 😉 - Crazy Town.

Erotic Fiction

Goldilocks and the Three Bares

"My! What a big cock you have" declares Goldilocks. "All the better to fuck you with" replies Poppa Bare. My kind of fairy-tale!

Good Girl Deep Throat

The title says it all. Deep Throat. Very good.

Tabitha’s Musings

Some quality sapphic erotica here. Click for hot girl on girl action.

Body Talk and Sexual Health


A very  informative post about peri-menopause, contraception, hormones and jizz fetish.

Which Lube to Include?

Pjur gets my vote. I like their water based and silicone lubes and the bottles they come in are virtually indestructible. With their screw tops lids there's no risk of lube escaping into whatever bag I carry to outcalls.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Creating a D/s Training Wheel

I made something similar last year. It was a game I made for an orgy. A target for a toy crossbow with suction tipped arrows for guests to shoot at and act out the instructions written on the target.

Yoga Bondage At Yellowmead

Naked yoga combined with outdoor rope. Brilliant! A futomomo and a pigeon pose to be precise.

Books and Movies

Review: BDSM Community, by Stein

Definitely on my reading list and I'll look around for something more specific to the history of the UK BDSM scene.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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