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King Cocktopus. Duo with a Sexy Couple and Alissa Thorne.

4th October 2021
Oz Bigdownunder


I've met D And E a few times before and they're always great fun.

They're both married to other people and I get the impression their respective marriages are not exactly consummated with endless lust and passion. D's lust and passion is all about E and hers for him and both of them are hugely turned on by having me there to play with them.

The first time we met, E, upon seeing me naked for the first time, exclaimed that I looked like I'd been "Hewn from granite and polished by angels!"

Best compliment ever!

D and E synchronise their visits to London and get a hotel room together whenever they get the chance. And when they do, they like to make up for lost time. I'm honoured that they've chosen to invite me to their London love nest for kinky threesomes to help them explore their fantasies. I know the time they spend together in London means a lot to them so I do everything I can to find fun ways to get them to share what kinks they have and then gently introduce new kinds of play that they'll both enjoy.

This session was a big step for them inviting Alissa to join us too. They chose wisely! Alissa was the perfect choice for the extra F in their first ever MMFF foursome. She's beautiful, sexy, very bright, open minded and understood exactly how to make their evening perfect.

alissa thorne

When Alissa and I arrived, the four of us had a drink and were soon all flirting and joking. We didn't rush to the bedroom but took our time. D and E both have a lot of fantasies and they're very open with each other and with us. They have excellent communication and know there's zero risk of any kink shaming or any negative reaction when they share new ideas.

They like to talk.

Especially E.

She always has a lot of questions which come from an adorable, cheeky curiosity and then whenever she learns some new fact related to sex or fetish, I can see her filing it away for future adventures.

We got D to confess he's bi curious and that he's experimented with receiving spankings and being tied up and wants to explore his submissive side. E was delighted but couldn't resist teasing him. I said she'd make a brilliant Domme and her eyes lit up at the idea. D was actually glowing with excitement.

D asked Alissa and I if we'd both be ok if events took a turn for the bisexual. A big YES with a capital Y E S from both of us. And maximum respect to D for flawless execution of the consent negotiation.

E asked me what I plan to do when I retire from being a world renowned gigolo extraordinaire.

I plan to be a trillionaire. I'll buy an island and declare it the Kingdom of Oz. A tax haven with free access to the best infrastructure, health care and education.

Also, as soon as the tech exists to upload one's consciousness into custom avatars, I'm getting myself re-sleeved in a giant bio-engineered octopus with erectile tissue and orgasmic nerve endings throughout every tentacle.

A Cocktopus, if you will.

King Cocktopus. And I shall rule my domain benevolently from my harem.

Anyone will be welcome to become a citizen on the condition that they agree to have a King Cocktopus approved medical implant that monitors and adjusts their hormone levels such that every adult citizen regardless of gender and age, has approximately the same sex drive.

As supreme and majestic King Cocktopus, I shall encourage social nudity in my kingdom.

Politicians, lawyers and police will be selected at random from the population and drafted into their positions for a compulsory one year of political, legal or constabulary service. In this way, rather than waste all their time attempting to backstab their way to the top of the pile of other corrupt, power hungry sociopaths, politicians might actually do something useful. If those drafted conduct themselves in a fair and just manner, they'll be richly rewarded. If not, they'll be fired and depending on how they've misused the powers incumbent in their positions, possibly exiled.

Homophobia, transphobia, kink shaming and not separating recycling will be highly illegal.

Sex work will be decriminalised obviously.

Everyone having the same sex hormones should result in a utopia with true gender equality, zero discrimination based on gender or sexuality, and a much better chance for everyone to enjoy their personal ideal romantic relationships and have very active sex lives.

Alissa and had a laugh comparing notes on our sex toy collections. I took a look at her blog when I heard we were going to meet for the duo. I loved her sex toy drawer post and said so. Seems we share a hobby. Collecting objets de penetration.

We made it to the bedroom via a detour to see the view from their balcony on the 13th floor of a very nice hotel on Southbank near Waterloo with a spectacular view of London looking across towards Westminster and the city from one end of the balcony and back toward the Shard at the other.

Once the four of us piled into their bed I started by giving E a sensual naked massage while D and Alissa kissed and caressed. Our massage started off all sensible and therapeutic.


That lasted about 1 minute before the sensation of my erection caressing her thighs got us both far too horny to be sensible and massage was abandoned in favour of foreplay. We had no sooner intertwined in sexual ecstasy than a fifth participant joined us. Bob! Bob is E's vibrator and he's always more than welcome. I joked that I'm scared of being made redundant by technology and got a giggle from E and a reassurance that my position was safe.

Meanwhile Alissa and D were similarly entangled. I asked E's permission to give D's bum a slap (asked loud enough so D could hear and checked his reaction. Definitely up for it) Permission granted. Bum slapped. D's bum levitated in an unmistakable gesture which translates to "slap me again, harder". I gave him a few more and I can guarantee those won't be the last slaps his bottom will get this weekend. E saw how much he enjoyed the spanking and I get the feeling she'll enjoy being the spanker as much as he likes being the spankee.

It's also very likely D and E will find their way to a dungeon one day soon.

This topic came up in conversation and they both seem keen. I hope I get an invite.

A few changes of position later I was gripping E by the hair and pounding her from behind. I chose that moment to introduce her to the joys of kissing another woman. I gently instructed her, checking in that she was still OK with the idea. Then I guided her lips first to her first girl on girl kiss with Alissa. I put my hand on D's bum while we watched the kiss and slid my hand down towards his balls. Again the bum levitated. That's implied consent to have ones balls and cock stroked!

I'm proud of them both! They had new experiences and had a lot of fun. Alissa and I both had a great time too.

If only I'd had an extra appendage or 6. See, when I get uploaded into my Cocktopus I'll have plenty of tentacles for everyone.

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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