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Do you ever have performance issues, and if so, how do you deal with that? I’m guessing certain pills help?



I’ve never been unable to get hard or stay hard for a client but I do sometimes take a quarter of a viagra.


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Wow, sounds you have the correct sex drive for the job! Sometimes I can’t stay hard when masturbating.


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Yeah I was thinking about that. They probably won’t pleasure them as well as you.


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Cool, thanks for sharing!

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How old are your female clients?



All different ages. I have a regular lady in her 60s and saw a girl yesterday in her 20s. Most in their 30s or 40s


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I dont get it. Men will have sex with them for free.



But will they do it well? The girl I saw yesterday said she didn’t want a boyfriend but did want good sex. She’d met guys via tinder and eharmony but they’d been rubbish in bed ie had no idea how to pleasure her in any way and came too quickly. Then they’d pestered her with calls and txts in some cases for months afterwards. So she contacted me. I gave her a naked oil massage which she loved, good oral and fucked her the way she liked and for as long as she wanted. With the aid of a Hitachi magic wand on her clit while I fucked her pussy, I gave her all the orgasms she wanted. She wants to see me again but I won’t contact her. I’ll wait for her to contact me because it would be indiscreet and unprofessional to do otherwise. That’s exactly what she wanted.


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Skill plus client lack of time or patience for relationships = client. Makes sense.

I’m not a sex worker, but I’ll defend you lot vociferously, and not in any infantilizing flip-side-of-the-rescue-industry coin kind of way.

Adult film star Mika Tan once said something about sex work caught my attention, but the source is lost to me. After she retired from on-camera porn I remember her saying she’d said she hires male escorts for sex because she’s too busy to invest in relationships.

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Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.

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Essex Slave

I splashed out on an escort once – but I did have to pay extra for that!


This actually was quite a nice, and insightful look into your life there aussieboy. To be honest I never had any idea what it took to be a escort. I’m sure like everyone I’ve thought about it once or twice. I’m actually kind of glad I didn’t, but on the other hand, not.

Don’t mind if I stick around and live vicariously through your blog do you?


You’re very welcome! Please subscribe for email updates


I actually liked the interview. Actually it was this interview that got me into reading your blog as it was a pretty big insight into the whole escort thing. Loved it.

Jackson Molland
Jackson Molland

Awesome interview! Thank you for sharing!


You’re welcome, Glad you like it


I’ve never used an escort service before, but I absolutely love reading this blog site. Entertaining and informative.


I’ve been following your blog, twitter and reddit for a while. Thank you, very entertaining!

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