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Stacy's Mom Sex Doll

26th March 2020
Oz Bigdownunder

Tantaly kindly sent me a sex doll named Stacy's Mom and she has got it going on!

Stacy's Mom: 11.9LB D Cup Half Body Dual Tunnels Sex Doll

to be precise but that's a bit unwieldy to yell out in the throes of passion so I'll go with Stacy's Mom.

She's made by the same company I reviewed in an earlier post=

Paloqueth Sex Toys

Dismembered! But not to worry, what she lacks in appendages, she more than makes up for in (consults website) "lifelike vaginal and anal tunnels and skin-like TPE material."

Her skin really does look and feel very realistic. Banging tits. Her little limbless torso is reminiscent of the legendary Black Knight sketch from Monty Python 🙂

I've always wondered how the full sized moving sex robots are powered. Surely a battery wouldn't have the oomph to move her for long. Mains powered? I like my ladies fairly pneumatic. Maybe a petrol powered one where you pull a cord like a lawnmower.

BRB. Patent office. Copyright for Mr Bigdownunder please. Petrol powered, rip cord activated, hydraulic hip flexor enabled, sex robot. I can picture her now, supple, delicate exterior belying the stainless steel industrial strength piston driven endoskeleton within. I yank her lawn mower cord. She roars into life. Powerful erotic aroma of two stroke fuel. She mounts me like the reverse of one of those mechanical bronco things from American cowboy-themed bars.

Maybe I could also patent a male Oz Bigdownunder replica model and


I feel a Singularity coming on.  I think therefore I am.. going to fuck you like a hyperdrive accelerated Texan oil well pumpjack.

The mailbox service I use for receiving deliveries is open 9am-7pm to sign for my parcels and then send me a notification to come and collect from their convenient, nearby location. Mail boxes etc they're called.

Otherwise, if I use my home address, I always get the "you weren't home" slip then have to trek into the wilderness of zone 6 to collect things from the depot of whatever delivery service failed to deliver my package. For larger packages I get a note in my mailbox to take to the counter.

When I went to collect Stacy's Mom, the rather officious German mailbox lady marched off to a back room to fetch my nondescript but suspiciously heavy package. I did my best to look innocent and nonchalant. Not at all like a pervert deprived of sex for what seems like months now amidst corona panic. I'm sure the gestapo lady is telepathic. She just knows I'm going to race home with the contents of that box and fuck it like I just got out of prison.

That's enough internets for today. I'm going out for my daily Boris sanctioned exercise. A nice run in the park. When I return home Stacy's Mom will be waiting to embrace me with open orifices.


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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

Australian Bi male masseur and escort for men, women, threesomes with couples and duos with female or transsexual escorts.
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