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The Boss. Fun Factory Silicone Dildo Review

13th August 2021
Oz Bigdownunder


Honeysx kindly sent me "The Boss Stub", one of their Fun Factory Silicone Dildos.

When your first name is "Boss" you're automatically an alpha. Testicles or no Testicles.

In this case, no Testicles. But he does have a nice flaring base. So fear ye not ye olde embarrassing trip to the ER to explain how you slipped and fell butthole first onto a pink dildo.

Boss seemed to enjoy myself and Milady equally. He had no trouble finding Milady's G-spot and soon had her squirting like an Icelandic geyser. But he did nuzzle my prostate with his little upturned nose in an especially affectionate manner. I think that makes him about a 5.2 on the kinsey scale.

Boss and I are much alike. Well defined. Fulfilling diameter. We can both adhere to flat surfaces without leaving residue.

We both come in boxes.

He has a shapely glans and thick veins. He's body-safe and odourless. His personality could be best described as medium-sized dick energy. How's that for a tinder profile?

Boss fits perfectly on my F Machine Gigolo Fucking Machine.

f machine gigolo fucking machine

The machine itself is quiet and powerful with nice, long thrusts and a remote control to vary the speed.

It's only weakness was a stand that tended to twist and slide about on whatever surface it stood on.

I bought a suction cup attachment that was meant to anchor it to floor tiles but this proved unreliable.

So I ordered some adjustable circular metal plumbing strips and used those to firmly bind the mount onto my bed-frame. Now whenever I need some high impact, fast tempo hydraulic ramming assistance from my robot fuck friend (he's brilliant for DP since he doesn't have legs or a body to get in the way), I just pop him on his stand, adjust him to the perfect angle and lock him in position, then plug him in and slowly ramp up his thrust speed via remote control.

On the fucking machine at top speed, Boss is a blur of hot pink motion. Like a Power Ranger dancing to happy hardcore.

And afterwards his medical grade silicone glans and shaft can be sterilised via a good scrub with some diluted bleach or a quick dip in some boiling water. Don't try that at home.

For science I decided to test whether he was really made from pure silicone or from some other substance resembling silicone. So I cut a small piece off the base of the dildo and burned it with a lighter. No melting, no black smoke or smell. It just flared up with a clean flame and disintegrated into white ash. So I can confirm, The Boss is made from pure silicone. Top quality and highly recommended.

If you'd like your own Boss, please order one via my affiliate link =

Fun Factory Big Size Dildo

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Author: Oz Bigdownunder

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