In Dubai

I’ll be in Dubai until December 01. Just got here yesterday and already having a great time. Spent the afternoon lying on the beach, reading and tried out the pool and spa at the hotel. Catching up soon with my lovely regulars from the last few times I was here.


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New York

I’ve been invited to go to New York next year as a duo partner for Milady Marla Maples. She’s truly stunning and I’ve always wanted to visit New York. We haven’t decided the dates yet but I’ll update here when we do decide. She’s in London now so let me know if you’d like to book us for a duo.

Marla specializes in strap-on play so book us now for a spit roast with my cock in your mouth while she fucks you from behind 🙂

She has an impressive collection of fetish gear including custom latex attire, corsets, stockings, exquisite lingerie, hundreds of pairs of delicious stilettos and boots.


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Strap-On Party

Been invited to be the dom bull to provide forced bi action at #DominaParties strap-on party event on October 3d 🙂
with Miss Kitty Bliss, Goddess Cleo, Mistress Kiana, Goddess Aviana and Mistress Evilyne and a close circle of their Dominant friends including Mistress Ava Von Medisin, Governess Ely, Ms Nikki, Miss Amy Hunter, Amelia, and more!


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Just got home from a very nice session with Mistresses Sophie and Evilyne, Evilyne’s protege/domina in training and Sophie’s sissy slave at Sophie’s beautiful flat in Marylebone. The slave took thrashings from all of us, got trained to suck and be fucked and forced to watch me with his mistress. A good time had by all 🙂

sophie and evilyn

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5 days in Dubai

I just got home from my most memorable appointment yet. A booking for 4 nights in Dubai. I met a very nice gentleman when I was there late last year and he contacted me again recently and agreed to pay for my tickets and hotel plus 5 times my daily rate for me to go back. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel where I stayed was really beautiful. Amazing views from a very nice room and got to spend all day relaxing by the pool, swimming, reading, going to the gym, enjoying the spa etc. He took me to At.mosphere restaurant on the 122nd floor of the Burj Kalifa, the tallest building in the world and Bab Al yam restaurant at the Burj Al Arab. I’ll never forget those 2 restaurants. Going back again in November!


jumeira beach hotel view

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Had a great time last night. My friend Anika recommended myself and her other friend Brigitte to her regular client, Mike, for a 2 hour 4some. We enjoyed a chat and bottle of champagne on Ani’s balcony overlooking the river then had lots of fun in her bedroom. Mike seemed happy to just watch and direct the action for the most part. After Mike had left, both girls said how impressed they were that I was able to perform for most of the 2 hours then at the end when Mike asked both girls to lie side by side and for me to cum over their tits, I did so right on cue. We all had a great time and Mike said he’ll book the 3 of us again when he’s back in London in October. I’ll be looking forward to it 🙂


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Office Sex

One of my clients mentioned that he sometimes pays to use office space/meeting rooms by the hour for his business via a site called Regus. I looked them up and I was thinking it might be fun to use their offices for bookings.. They only cost £20-£30 pounds for an hour. If you’re interested, please check the regus website and let me know which of their locations suits you. I can go take a look prior to our appointment if you like and make sure it will be private enough. The locations are very convenient eg if you could get away from work in the city for an hour or two, and would be very sexy to fuck on the desk in an office environment.


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